The Next President Has to be Determined

With the majority of the states having already voted in both the Democratic and Republican primaries and caucuses, nobody is still capable of predicting who the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention will dominate to be their candidate to the general elections in November.

Republican presidential hopeful, Senator John McCain from Arizona, still has a substantial lead at this point, but the February 9 results may turn out to be the turning point of the Republican primaries when former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee having received a potential comeback push from his wins in Kansas, Washington state and Louisiana.
Meanwhile, the democratic primary race for the ticket is even tighter and it looks like it will be the superdelegates the ones, who will decide whether it is Clinton or Obama getting the nomination. Whoever of the two is the party’s presidential candidate will most likely become the next president.
This is not just a prediction. It is something that people all over the world in general expect to happen. Americans can feel it, too. Nowadays in the United States of America a lot of people keep saying that “we are in the middle of a realignment”. There must be something really extraordinary to happen in order for neither Clinton, nor Obama to become president.
Most Americans are not satisfied with the course of the country over the last few years: the continuous and torturing war in Iraq, the unaffordable health care for most of the American citizens, the tax cuts for the rich, the big debts that many Americans have to pay for decades for their college tuition, the foreclosures as a result of the mortgage crisis that rendered many people homeless and turn out for the banks that they will receive less money than what they have already spent in terms of mortgages.
Those are few of the issues that the Bush era will leave to America and the world. No matter what the outcome of the war in Iraq will be, the country’s reputation has already been undermined by one way or another, not to mention the number of enemies this particular war has made for the U.S. The Bush administration did so well that from the former President Bill Clinton’s budget surplus of hundreds of billions of dollars, it is now a deficit of about 3 trillion dollars which is rather disturbing.
Recently, former first lady, now Senator Hillary Clinton (D – New York), said that she would clean up after the Bush dynasty just like her husband had managed to clean up after President Bush’s father. Her words must definitely be taken seriously since she does not lack political experience and since her husband could help her out with her presidency. What senator Clinton mostly stands for is universal health care, ending the war in Iraq and helping people with foreclosures.
Ilinois Senator Barack Obama (D – Ilinois) has pretty much the same positions as senator Clinton on most of the issues. However, what he is definitely more skillful in is his oratorical skills. This person knows how to unite the people within a country. On every debate, on every speech, he keeps saying that the United States of America is not a collection of blue, red or swing states, neither is it divided into whites, African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans and Latinos. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who is often silent and passive when it comes to party affiliation, Barack Obama keeps saying that Republicans and Democrats should work together for the country’s well being.
Overall, what we see here is two persons who can unite the American people. They look like they are the most determined presidential candidates in this race. The media show it and the people see it every day primary after primary and caucus after caucus.
In my opinion, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should be on the same ticket for the general election. This is a most determining move not only for both of them but for the people as well – for the people not only on the territory of the United States of America but for the people all over the world as well. There are several reasons why I find this to be the case.
First of all, in order to win, a candidate must be strong on the issues. Both Clinton and Obama are strong on every major issue, as already mentioned. The next step toward winning elections is to unite the people to vote for you. In terms of races and ethnicities, both Obama and Clinton unite whites and, while Obama has a strong support from African Americans, Hillary Clinton can praise herself with such support when it comes to the Latino vote. This is a great percentage of the U.S. population. Of course, some of those people will vote for the Republican nominees but even if we assume that Republicans will vote for Republicans and Democrats will vote for Democrats in the general elections, this time there are about twice as much registered Democrats than the people who are registered as Republicans.
It turns out to be a rather beneficial race in terms of current events for the Democratic Party in this election for president and this time there can be no excuses for an outcome other than a win for the Democrats. Whoever wins the party’s nomination would better choose his or her opponent as a running mate not only because of the stakes involved in this election, but also for the sake of his or her career. According to the expectations, either Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be president for two terms and if vice-president is his or her current opponent, this vice-president will have greater chances to win the Democratic Party’s nomination and as a result of this the presidential elections. So, it is up to Obama and Clinton to decide whether they will eventually make a remarkable duo in the country’s executive branch and change the course of USA and the world toward a better economic and diplomatic future.

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