Sicko The Movie

About a month ago I watched Michael Moore’s Sicko. I found it on Youtube after I first heard of it, and I was just interested what there was in that movie. Many people had been talking about it – some had bad opinion about it, others found it incredible. I have mixed impressions and here’s why.

Michael Moore made a really interesting point about the health care system of the United States. He basically analyzed every negative detail in it – from health insurance companies to people’s despair. I find the analyses of both of them trustworthy.

Health insurance companies were presented as the greatest evil in the movie. I don’t know who is going to disagree with this point. They always search for the smallest reason to reject paying for your treatment at a hospital because of a certain pre-existing condition. When I watched that part of the movie, when people showed announcements for rejection by their health insurance companies, I got the impression that it is possible to turn out to be that you pay for your health care but you actually pay for nothing because you have a permanent pre-existing condition. And even if those health insurance companies know about your pre-existing condition, they will never tell you because all they care is that you pay them. 

If that’s so, it’s very sad and unfair because a lot of these people don’t know about their pre-existing conditions and when they see they get rejected I can’t imagine how deceived they feel. They probably feel more deceived than people who find out they have had high phone bills because someone managed to hack their phone and make phone calls on their expense – because health is what matters most. In my opinion, such practice by the health insurance companies should be considered a federal offense similar to that when you get information about a bank account and withdraw money from it. I am against governmental intervention in business but I can’t see this as a legitimate practice.


Michael Moore went too far in the movie. He made it look like a socialistic propaganda.

While the part when he was in Canada was successful to me, he went too far in Great Britain, France and even Cuba. Canada was a good example because he talked to a member of the Conservative Party who is presumed to be against universal health care but that person had nothing against it. However, I can’t completely agree with the way he presented life in Great Britain, France and Cuba for the following reasons:

  • In Great Britian the cashier reimburses your transport expenses and every medicine costs 6.50 pounds. I think that’s too much, especially the reimbursement.
  • In France people have a 35-hour week, government-appointed babysitter, a lot of days off and they often go on strikes. I see that as a significant barrier to a country’s development, especially if this country is the United States.
  • In Cuba the quality of health care is perfect. I don’t think Cubans would agree with this statement. I remember watching on Youtube an interview with a Cuban American on FOX News. I know that FOX News and Cuban Americans are mostly Republican, but although I have never been to Cuba, I believe them at least to some extent that conditions in Cuban hospitals are actually not as good as they appeared to be in the movie. Eddy Goombah from Yotube appears to have been fooled by this part of the movie for one reason or another.

I know you will probably say that I take the movie too literally but Michael Moore made those countries look like paradise, and people who watched the movie get the same impression. I am not against some form of universal health care that is going to at least treat people fairly unlike the health insurance companies, but having additional benefits such as those in Great Britain and France is excessive. Moreover, it hinders businesses from developing.


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3 responses to “Sicko The Movie

  1. Nigel

    I’ve never seen the movie, but i also think that universal healthcare is good to a certain extend, but not when it’s overblown like it is in the UK and France…

  2. I completely agree with you. By they way, I recommend Sicko to you. Find yourself enough free time and watch it. I found it on Youtube. Try to find it in Michael Moore’s movie here.

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