Rachel Maddow Show Gaffe???

No, I am not kidding. I am talking about tonight’s Rachel Maddow Show. John McCain and Barack Obama were telling jokes about each other at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation. Nothing unusual so far.

However, if you have been watching it during the period between 23:30 and 23:40 ET, you can’t have missed an interesting repetition of Barack Obama’s speech. It wasn’t the script. Barack Obama may have looked pretty sleepy, but he can’t have said the same thing without having noticed it himself. It was MSNBC’s fault for sure because people were moving the same way, and so was the camera. It’s the first time I have ever seen a gaffe committed by MSNBC, although it’s not a serious one really.


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3 responses to “Rachel Maddow Show Gaffe???

  1. Nigel

    I actually didn’t see that particular episode of the show, but the Rachel Maddow show, although good in content, has been a bit short on production quality… Hopefully they get better. I love MSNBC 🙂

  2. I personally don’t get the impression that it is short on production quality. I don’t know what you mean but I pay more attention to the content anyway.

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