Live well, live better

How many times have you asked yourself how you look? Are you concerned about your body weight? What about your fat tissue? Thеse are questions that most of us ask ourselves, but few of us try to find solutions if we see somethig in our body that we don’t like. In this article, I am going to discuss how to live well in busy times like nowadays.

Justifications for our not taking care of our physical, and sometimes even spiritual, condition are usually money, kids, too much work, even peer pressure. Yes, if none of your acquaintances works out and most of them eat and drink whatever they want, whenever they want and however they want, you often feel like the “odd man out”. Nobody likes to be the “odd man out” so in this case we look for new acquaintances or change our habits, or risk being lonely even if there are people around us.

Whatever the situation is, it’s your life and you should live it the way you want it to be. Of course, nobody has control over everything, but if you can’t resist anything that has certain impact on you, you actually start to live your life for somebody else. Thus you become everybody’s favorite person. Not only will your peers like you but also people from the fast food industry, the alcohol industry, the drug and the pharmaceutical industries and whoever else that does business. The more people like you there are, the more profits they are going to get – that’s why they like you.

There are almost always solutions to problems with your spiritual and physical condition. First step to finding a solution is to be honest with yourself about everything. No, that’s not a cliché phrase. Being honest with yourself is a fundamental part to the most successful lifestyles, and you lead a successful lifestyle if, and only if, you are pleased with your life overall.

If you are honest with yourself and find out as a result of that that you want to change your physical appearance and you are determined enough to do so, the next step is to figure out when you have free time. If you can’t find any free time of at least 30 minutes a day, consider changing something. Maybe you need a new job that gives you a certain opportunity of flexible working hours.

The working week is 40 hours (sorry, French people, but I don’t think I should mention your 35-hour working week) which makes 8 hours per day. If you actually work 10 hours per day, you’d better not commute more than 30 minutes one-way or you risk becoming a robot who will become a human being again but not until you retire. To your disappointment, however, there will be no magic wand that can take you back in time and change your life. Sad but true!

Once you have a daily free time of the range from 45 to 90 minutes, consider at least two days when you can work out. Working out in a gym is usually the best option except for aerobics (jogging in particular) which you need to practice outdoors. Before working out, however, consult with a personal trainer as to how to train and what to eat. People who do these two things, that is, create training routine and eating routine on their own, either end up in a hospital with a certain injury, or have next to no results at all which leads to despair, and despair is never a good feeling. It can even form you the bad impression of workouts being absolutely useless.

Your personal trainer told you to eat foods that you don’t have time to prepare? That’s not true. You can easily find enough time to cook. In the evening, an hour before you go to bed, you can prepare breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Think of two invaluable benefits from this attitude – healthier and more delicious food for a smaller amount of money (yes, in fact your expenses for preparing it are definitely not at great as what you spend at the local cafeteria during lunch breaks). If you follow this lifestyle, then: Congratulations! You are healthier, richer and even happier as a result of your health and wealth.

You are probably wondering how you can bring the food that you cooked last night to your workplace while at the same time keeping it fresh and healthy. Wherever you work, there is probably a fridge where employees can keep their food. If you find no problem putting your food there, just do so. However, if you are concerned that somebody might happen to take it or whatever else you don’t like in the fridge there, you can always get yourself a cooler along with 2-3 blue ices and food storage containers.

Thus you can keep your food fresh and healthy for up to 5-6 hours provided that your cooler is in a hot environment. Of course in a cooler environment durability can even be higher.

I already have this experience, and trust me – I don’t miss cafeterias and junk food at all.

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