China and its ridiculous regulations – when will they stop???!!!


Today I came across with this news article. Can you believe it???!!! Not only have the owners of Baidu managed to clean up their search engine of porn websites after a crackdown – they also oficially apologized to their netizens.

I can’t see the point in the apologies. On the one hand they apologize to the Chinese citizens who got an access to these porn websites. There go the good reasons for these apologies though. On the other hand:

  • in order to find a porn website through a search engine you must have typed words related to porn such as… you know what I mean. It’s not hard to assume that the Chinese who accessed the porn websites were actually looking for them through Baidu
  • let’s say that I am a Chinese living in China who just went to the Baidu search engine and read the apologies but have never witnessed the crackdown. What will come to my mind is that there is “obscene content and links concerned.” They say “curiosity killed the cat” but the sense in this saying doesn’t always come true in real-life situations.

I know about the Chinese communists regulations on their territory of western influence that even includes the Internet but I have never completely understood it. China is not like North Korea. People enter and exit China every day so if the government doesn’t allow access to porn websites on its territory, there can still be other ways of accessing porn movies or porn pics. Internet is not the one and the only source of everything after all.

It’s high time Hu Jintao and his administration understood how ridiculous some regulations in China are. Sooner or later websites will be available from everywhere around the world. Hackers and crackers are putting the beginning of it. The process is irreversible unless all the big and powerful countries jointly change it.

It’s not that I am against regulations. Regulations are important for keeping an order no matter what kind of regulations we are talking about.  We have already seen what extreme deregulation has done to the U.S., especially for the last two years. However, some regulations are too excessive and too ridiculous to follow… like this one, for example.

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