Can’t live with it, can’t live without it

How many times have you been in a situation when you don’t want to do something but you do it because people will like it? Such situations are briefly called peer pressure.

Peer pressure is too often perceived as something bad. Some people don’t pay attention to it because of that, and thus they think that they have escaped from all the vices in the world. Even teachers teach us not to fall for it, and we listen to them without questioning their words – like we are computers without an antivirus software that just had something installed in them.

To me there are two types of peer pressure – negative and positive. The former makes you do things that harm you and/or people around you, while the latter does the exact opposite, that is, contribute to your and other people’s welfare.

I remember the first time I ever tasted alcohol, and it was awful. I was wondering why people would like to drink such a disgusting drink since there are juices, soda – even the tasteless water tastes marvellous compared to any alcoholic beverage. How stupid can we get?!

If alcohol had been consumed very rarely, to say the least, I probably would never have drunk more than two cups overall. I can’t say I drink often but I can drink a bottle of beer without getting appalled by its bitter taste. And that goes for most of the moderate drinkers as well, if not each of them.

Nevertheless, there wouldn’t be this great progress our society has made so far if it wasn’t for peer pressure. It creates inspiration to do things as right as possible. It makes us want to contribute to the world’s welfare because we will be praised and rewarder for that.

Don’t think that great people like Thomas Edison, for example, look for innovations in life just because they want to contribute. It’s mainly the thought of becoming famous and wealthy that drives them to do it.

It’s alright though. I don’t mind such attitude since it’s functional for our society, neither do I mind peer pressure. However, we must distinguish negative from positive peer pressure, and thus use it for our own good. The ability to distinguish between the two is in fact our own antivirus software that will depend on us as to how it is going to update.


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