Role Models

Yesterday I watched Role Models Movie and to be honest it made my day. The funny moments prevailed, and they were not banal ones like in most of the other movies such as Love Actually, for example.

The ridiculously acting knights were the funniest characters. They reminded me of my early childhood when I still believed Santa exists, and, last but not least, of  some acquaintances of mine (some of whom I haven’t contacted recently) who still live in certain kind of a fantasy world where everything is technically possible just like in the movies, novels and fairy tales.

Wheeler (Sean William Scott) was the other protagonist without whom this movie would be nothing more than the usual tearful garbage we are already used to watching (I am not a movie maniac but still – I am tired of such movies). The movie’s producers have definitely picked a right-looking actor – a mixture between a teenage look and a mature look thanks to the facial hair – so they have not gone too far with the manness or the immatureness in the look of some other actors.

So much for the superlatives though, although they do the trick. Good thing they used crude and sexual content, strong language and nudity thus having it rated R because otherwise it would be bad influence to kids. Imagine yourself with a brain of a 10-year old watching Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and his ludicrous fellows.

Like most kids I used to never question the Russian saying “Winners are not to be judged”.  This makes Augie one to be admired by kids – as if it’s alright to wear whatever you want and hang out with whoever you want regardless of their difference from the rest of the other kids as long as the former is not a criminal.

Despite that remark, I am glad I watched this movie and I recommend it to you if you like comedies with sexual content.

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