Are the U.S. moving to the radical left???

I remember the second last night before Election Day (I was watching MSNBC then) when Senator John Ensign (R – Nevada) warned the American people that electing Democratic supermajority in the two chambers of the U.S. Congress would turn the country to the radical left. How miserable can the Republicans get by going for the desperate move to describe the Democrats as communists!!! While the Democrats really call for more social policy, that social policy is nothing compared to the one we see in most countries in Europe and Cuba, Venezuela and other welfare states.

However, the global economic and financial crises have made the people throughout the U.S. panick so much that some anti-hunger activists are tending to react too unreasonably and too populistically, thus indirectly creating the new agenda of the Republican Party, if the 111th Congress and other Democratic-led governments fail to meet the people’s expectations:

“The first generation of soup kitchens are getting to the point of outgrowing their kitchens and thinking they have to build new multimillion-dollar facilities,” said Robert Egger, president of D.C. Central Kitchen and a nationally recognized anti-hunger activist. “And we’re saying, ‘We need to be adapting to future needs, not building the same things but bigger.’ “

If the future needs are growing compared to the present ones, then what needs to be done is job creation combined with certain regulations such as minimum wages, not bigger soup kitchens. Bigger kitchens aren’t going to solve the problem – on the contrary – the best they can do is increase it because the bigger the soup kitchen, the more people there will be for sure. One who barely makes ends meet would usually take the opportunity to get a free lunch rather than change something in their life so that they are fiscally independent. That’s how we usually react in such situations. Besides, how can we be so sure that there won’t be at least one or two persons who actually don’t need to go to soup kitchens? Sometimes even the wealthy somehow manage to get food stamps.

What about the elderly and other people who can’t work

Focus more on them, dear activists! Of course, I am not saying that you should leave the rest die of hunger but it’s been proven that your policy doesn’t work. By ‘work’ I mean reduce the number of people not meeting their basic needs.

Are the U.S. moving to the radical left

Absolutely not! The President Obama’s $825 billion economic stimulus plan proves critics wrong so far with its tax cuts, for example, which are worth about $250 billion (I know it from a former Wall Street Journal issue). If that plan is radical left, then I don’t know what to say about the welfare states all over the world such as Germany, France, Denmark and the Scandinavian countries – huge taxes and social policy some of which USA have never dreamed of. Nice try, Senator Ensign.


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4 responses to “Are the U.S. moving to the radical left???

  1. Dima

    It never ceases to maze me the lengths that politicians go to, trying to mold the general population. Hearing such a “warning” is either a sign of scary incompetence, or truly a nice try to manipulate people who are just as oblivious and misinformed about issues of the sort. Both scenarios, of course, are equally objectionable.

  2. The thing is, in the U.S. socialism and socialist are two words that are almost (if not entirely) as dirty as communism and communist. And since most of the Americans have never been abroad, let alone lived there (of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that), they don’t know what pure socialism actually means. And comparing it to the radical left makes them assume that they are threatened to live the way the citizens of the former USSR used to live.

  3. Dima

    Well said! I agree this is exactly what happens. Concepts like socialism, socialist, communism and communists are too carelessly used and mistakenly amalgamated. The thought this is done on purpose, almost propaganda-like, is simply abhorrent and takes advantage of an unacquainted audience.

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