Yahoo never ceases to amaze us

The featured articles on Yahoo often either make or ruin your day. Yahoo users know what I am talking about.  I basically open a Yahoo article very rarely, and they are always from the Featured section. I rarely open news articles there because I somehow found out that there are details about some of the news that are not mentioned in the Yahoo news articles but everywhere else.

Yesterday night’s featured article was so ridiculously written by a so-called dating coach that I had been wondering for a long time whether I had read a real article or I was just dreaming. Here are the five “clever” tips to date a woman in the workplace that he pointed out:

  1. Start off by having lunch with her and a group of other people… My comment: That’s not a bad idea.
  2. Get a group of coworkers together and go out for happy hour one day after work… My comment: Why coworkers – so that everybody gets to know your crush??? Isn’t that supposed to be a secret from your colleagues? If you court a girl and don’t want your acquaintances to know about that, courting her in front of them is probably the most stupid idea ever. By following that second tip you risk being gossiped for a long time, and you’ll really not going to like those gossips.
  3. IM her one day and ask her what she’s doing for lunch… My comment: Another threat to your job security. This could be interpreted as a sexual harassment, especially the “Be playful” part.
  4. Start sending some emails to her during the day – just funny and light stuff… My comment: Emails??? Aren’t they checked by the supervisors of the company the two work for? This tip is a sure step to looking for a new job. Besides, are we working or just thinking of how to write romantic letters.
  5. “The close”… My comment: Why being with other people around again???

Let’s assume that coworkers usually have a crush on each other: what’s so wrong with just asking her for a lunch one day and do your part the way the majority does? Thus you are not exposing yourself to your colleagues, so it is a lot less likely that a gossip about you and your crush will be spread at the workplace. If she doesn’t want to go out for a lunch with you, that means she doesn’t like you the way you like her. In this case you just continue the way it used to be. Hardly would anybody know about your crush and besides, it appears that the two of you can’t date each other for certain reasons.

Judging by this article, it looks like the financial and economic crises are not the only reasons why there are layoffs.

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