– the beginning of further efficiency

With the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act came this brand new website Last month I somewhat doubted that all the spending would be published there, and I still have reserved feelings about it although it shows where your money is going.

It explains only two bubbles of the act so far but I hope the rest will come soon. I will definitely keep an eye on this website because I want to see how other acts will be explained – whether they will keep explaining them in general like they do with this act or they will be more specific in the future.

I am sure that political scientists, economists, financists and other people would like to be given more specific information about where the taxpayers’ money goes so staff should work on that. Otherwise it won’t make too much of a difference and therefore further efficiency will not be accomplished.

It’s a good start so far though. Thank you, Mr. President!!!

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  1. Tom Awtry

    For me its unbelievable when this issue was before our legislative branch of government, referring to the temporarily controlling factions within the GOP; and why would the GOP “only” agree to a bipartisan stimulus bill if it was “one-half” authored by them. Are these folks ready for the fruit juice farm or what? Do they understand the meaning of the word “compromise?”

    Isn’t this why, we in America we go through the trouble of having elections; to see who more or less, which “party” controls the mandates presented before our “elected” congress?

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