Hungarian Prime Minister to resign? Finally!!!

Today Hungarian Prime Minster Ferenc Gyurcsany proposed to resign. Hardly will there be anyone following the situation in Hungary who finds this news a bad one. For the last five years, that is, the period of his leadership of the country, all he’s had was bad impact – ridiculous and tragicomic speeches, confession of having lied to win the elections, imposing very high taxes which drove businesses out of the country, and probably other flawed decisions made. As far as I remember, his scandalous confession led his party to sustain a significant loss in the then upcoming local elections – not a single big city won and the opposition right party of Fidesz having taken an almost entire control of the country’s local governments.

With a year remaining of the government’s term, Ferenc Gyurcsany has decided to play Mr. Nice Guy by showing how concerned he is about the Hungarian economy. Note that he doesn’t wish to resign from being a leader of the Hungarian Socialists, so whoever is the new Prime Minister endorsed by the Socialists, it is very likely that they will be controlled by Mr. Gyurcsany, not to mention the big possibility that they will be unpopular to most of the Hungarians.

Now what

The Hungarian people don’t need a new government headed by the Socialists. What they need now is a right-wing government that will lower taxes and have fresh ideas as to how to lower the country’s increasing budget deficit and prevent money investors there from pulling their money out.

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