Say “No” to Yahoo

Yahoo may be one of the biggest and most popular companies around the world, but their homepage is often a disaster.

Although I set it as home page in my computer, I rarely used it for anything besides checking my email. I rarely read news there because I found out that I rarely get as acquainted about certain news as when I read BBC, MSNBC, CNN and so on.

However, what amazes me most is their Featured section or, in other words, the one that always comes up above everything else. It’s not a bad strategy to keep their traffic but it often looks pathetic. Three hours ago there was that article on top of the Featured section.

That’s the second time I find an article written by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding on top. The last time was about Healthiest (fast-food!!!) restaurants. Among those restaurants are McDonald’s Taco Bell, Subway, Wendy’s. I think I know where they’re going – they didn’t mention Burger King in any of the two articles.

I can only imagine how each of these brands had formed a coalition against their mighty competitor and made these two writers millionaires by paying them to write these two articles which are full of nonsense. After all, it’s a financial crisis nowadays and people are less willing to pay extra money to spoil their health.

Besides, there are people who lead sedentary life, are unwilling to work out and eat that kind of food on a daily basis – they would love to read those tons of lies and thus delude themselves into thinking they are leading a healthy life. I can also imagine how hospital administrations are expecting a big flow of patients for the next decades.

And, last but not least, the two authors work for Men’s Health magazine. David Zinczenko has been editor-in-chief of Men’s Health for  nearly a decade. This just goes to show when I will buy a Men’s Health issue – never. Good job on fooling some people though!

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  1. And I just want to paste one of the comments on the last article. It was posted by plinkyzippo:

    Davey Z!!!! Your “articles” are my guilty pleasure. So bad are they that they generate spasms of joy from my toes to my scalp! Woooooo! Last week McDonald’s was healthy. This week Carl’s Jr. is not. Dude, what cloud do you reside on? Who pays you to write this stuff? Did Carl’s Jr. not give you a free onion ring sample, and you got angry? You are all over the map and without any shred of respectability. But I hope they keep you employed here, so I can keep laughing.

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