Norm Coleman like Al Gore

One senatorial seat hasn’t been taken yet, and it’s a Minnesota one. Former Senator Norm Coleman can’t concede his loss to his rival Al Franken, and keeps appealing the courts’ decisions. It’s up to the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether or not to hear the case.

Don’t you get the impression that this case is similar to the presidential race in 2001 between Al Gore and George W. Bush… except that this time Al is the winner, not the loser, and this race is for Senator, not for President. Yes, this race is over even before the holding of the Minnesota Supreme Court, and if Norm Coleman had a certain dignity, he would concede his loss instead of telling a journalist in an interview outdoors that a senatorial term is six years and therefore the final result can wait (I haven’t cited him correctly but everybody who has just watched Countdown knows what I am talking about).

He is sufficiently eloquent with this statement of his that he already knows that he actually lost. However, compared to the status quo in the 111st Congress, I wouldn’t be surprised whether his former colleagues in the Senate, namely the Republicans, asked him to slow the election process down.

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