D.C. City Council and Mayor for gay marriage

On December 15, the City Council of Washington D.C. approved a bill that, if enacted into law will legalize same-sex marriage in the district by a 11-2 margin. Yesterday, the Mayor signed the bill, and will be reviewed by Congress for a 30-day period but as noted by CNN and other mainstream media, the status quo in Congress makes it unlikely for it to block its path to becoming a law.

This is my concise analysis on same-sex marriage in the U.S. from which one can tell that I approve of it. To me, it is unacceptable to deny the pursuit of happiness to the gay and lesbian community. After all, it has been confirmed throughout history that that community is harmless to society. Homosexuality has existed for ages but most of us are heterosexual which goes to show that the former is not as contagious as some people think it is.

Moreover, legalizing same-sex marriage will most likely integrate gays and lesbians within the society instead of segregate them from it. Such an integration will diminish the number and impact of gay activism such as gay parades or gay holidays in Massachusetts schools which most of us find unacceptable and too much to tolerate. In fact, activism originates from a certain social intolerance toward a specific aspect of life as a result of which it became an issue. If it hadn’t been for the racial discrimination until the 1960s, Martin Luther King, Jr. wouldn’t have become famous but would have lived his life like most of us do. In fact, affirmative action would never have appeared.

Creating issues can stall the evolution of our society depending on their relevance. It leads to allocating resources – among which is, undoubtedly, time – to addressing them which could have been invested in something else, again depending on how relevant a specific issue is.

Fortunately, most of the issues in life are there for good reason which will lead to the improvement of our society. We have to know whether we are destroying our planet through our activities (though I don’t belive in this) or whether we kill innocent individuals (though I am pro choice), but danying a decent life to a loving homosexual couple is, in my opinion, not among those issues.

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