Yankee Institute for Public Policy with a new media project

In an email sent to supporters, sponsors and followers, the Yankee Institute for Public Policy – a Hartford-based Connecticut politics think-tank – announced that it launched a new media project, raisinghale.com in the name of Nathan Hale, also known as USA’s first spy and the state hero of Connecticut, who was executed by the British on September 22, 1776 during the Battle of Long Island. Before his execution, Nathan Hale uttered his most famous statement in his life: “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

The Yankee Institute’s newest website will be maintained by its “new investigative reporter” Zach Yanowski who, according to the email, was editor of Southington community’s local weekly newspaper The Southington Citizen. Mr. Yanowski pledged to be “publishing news and information that hasn’t been covered in other news outlets on a wide range of topics” regarding Connecticut politics.

Raisinghale.com will potentially become a direct competitor with other comparatively new Connecticut website – the Connecticut Mirror but unlike the CT Mirror (or other websites of the kind such as the CT News Junkie, the Republican American or the newspapers’ websites), it appears to focus on the economy rather than the economy and politics at the same time. On raisinghale.com, there is nothing about elections and it doesn’t appear to be a place where politicians will be discussed. The content on this website so far hints that it will be presenting and analyzing data regarding the five areas it will focus on: education, state budget, taxes and spending, health care and transportation.

In other words, another good news for Connecticut journalism and analytics – more competition in the field and a stimulus for having other bright ideas on how to monitor the government in an effort to make it more accountable to its constituents.

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