Looking for a graduate degree in Political Science?

Are you looking for a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in Political Science? If yes, based on what criteria do you look for universities’ graduate schools offering such degrees?

Here’s a list of the most common criteria graduate, including Political Science, degrees are being applied to:

  • Location. It usually includes cost of living, housing and both current and prospective job opportunities. Studying in Nebraska, for the sake of argument, would likely provide the graduate student with different job opportunities from studying in California.
  • Tuition and fees. It matters a lot how much the total will be per academic year and what the return on investment will be. The latter is rarely clear since it often depends more on the person than on anything else, and personality is very hard but not impossible to calculate.
  • Program, including curriculum. Let’s assume that prospective graduate student A is looking to specialize in political economy. In this case, if they come across a graduate program in Political Science that doesn’t include courses in political economy but is purely about political philosophy, it is very likely that they will never visit its website again.
  • Facility. If a university that offers a graduate degree in Political Science provides access to numerous journals, books and other materials on Political Science, and provides opportunities for development in the field of Political Science, it will be preferred to a university that doesn’t provide all this.

Finding a Political Science program that matches one’s demands is oftentimes a long process. Be more efficient at least on the location part, and go to PoliticalScienceDegree.com, instead of checking every university in your preferred location as to whether or not they offer any graduate degree in Political Science. PoliticalScienceDegree.com contains a list of as many graduate degrees in Political Science as its creator, Phillip Donavan, has managed to compile from every state.

Earlier, the website’s creator requested in an email that I spread the word about his website, and after I took a look on it, I decided that it is worth mentioning on my blog. He wrote to me that his goal is to compile an updated list of every Political Science degree program in the U.S., and I congratulate him for his effort.

However, his website lacks a legitimate ranking on the top Political Science graduate degree programs. It is unclear to me how he came up with his list of “Top Schools offering a Political Science Degree.” For this purpose, I recommend that you take a look at other rankings but always start your search with PoliticalScienceDegree.com.

Great job, Phillip Donavan!

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