Bad journalism? You decide

This article is interesting to make a note of. It calls Ahmed Dogan the “leader of the opposition ethnic Turkish party.”

Some of you know my opinion on the Movement for Rights and Liberties (MRL). Meanwhile, it never proclaimed itself as ethnic Turkish party. At least I don’t remember having heard or read something like that anywhere else.

Furthermore, Title 11, Section 4 of the Bulgarian Constitution says that “political parties on ethnic, racial and religious basis cannot be established, neither can parties whose goal is to take the country by the use of coercion.” What wrote is bad journalism to me no matter how truthful it is. They are indirectly accusing the MRL of being an unconstitutional party.

While I have made statements of such kind in my personal blog, I have acquired the ability to report news in a fair and balanced way thanks to my internship at Language in the Bulgarian press of the likes of the article’s at needs to be addressed.

Just because you as a journalist know something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should report it your way unless you are writing an op-ed. You have to support your statements with sources of authority that are reliable enough to be called facts.


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3 responses to “Bad journalism? You decide

  1. You make a fantastic point! Great blog! A friend just referred me to it, and I’m putting you on my blogroll.

    Greetings from a compatriot from Sofia studying at Boston University, MA and a fellow blogger trying to build cultural bridges between the Sofia, Boston, and London.

  2. I like your blog, and I am definitely adding you to my blogroll. Thank you for your feedback, Militza! I am glad you like my blog.

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