Is teaching becoming unnecessary (personal opinion)

Nowadays’ improvement in technology gives us the never before seen power to find information about a great variety of topics. Sometimes information appears to be just one click away unlike in the past when everything was available in print only, and access was limited for one reason or another. This article concerns adult people only, and disregards the necessity of teaching elementary school children. 

At the end and after the Golden Decade of Information Technology (click on the link above to learn more) I have noticed that more and more people have become their own researchers or teachers on a variety of topics. It is becoming easier to learn a new language or become an engineer assuming that a degree is not needed for an engineering business to hire you but rather what engineering skills you really have.

In my opinion, however, teaching is not becoming unnecessary for the following four reasons:

  • no matter how much information technology is developing, there is always the issue of wrongfully learning by being unable to detect mistakes through misinterpretation, always potential in self-teaching. This could lead to being forced to change what you have learned – an adaption that could be even harder than when you knew nothing about the matter. Thus you may end up investing more time learning one concept or memorizing one piece of information – the time lost in learning it wrong plus the time lost in learning the correct information – than having a teacher helping you. By the time is money concept, depending on the situation concerning when you need to learn something for, you might even end up losing money by studying everything on your own.

  • self-teaching also requires perseverance. There are alpha people and beta people in life. The former pursue their goals more enthusiastically, consistently and passionately than the latter. Needless to say, even if alpha people end up not needing teachers, beta people will always need them.

  • teaching is more convenient and more efficient. The necessary corrections are done right away in the classroom by or at home by the instructor who appears to be an improved version of Google that you are paying for. It is therefore more convenient to have a teacher.

  • teaching includes getting your money worth. Besides the potential time saved, you could end up keeping money in your pocket by being instructed by a tutor what books on the subject to buy, rather than buying something that you will not end up learning as much from.

Therefore, if you are a teacher, I think that you should not worry about losing your job to Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other website. You may even use these websites to enhance your teaching skills and approach. It is up to you how to benefit from them though.


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