Don’t get mad at Facebook

The new Facebook has apparently frustrated a lot of people. Not only have I seen several statuses from some of my friends expressing their disapproval of it, but also famous newspapers like the Baltimore Sun reported on the raised indignation with Facebook’s new design.

“Facebook has no clue what I am interested in,” “Facebook is awful,” “Facebook became too complicated” and “I stopped enjoying Facebook” were the lines along which some of my friends and other users have written as their statuses today.

This has almost always been the case with changes on that website. Facebook has changed its design several times since I opened up my account there, and almost every time there was a change there were frustration, disappointment, indignation and fury in the form of statuses and even groups that I was consistently invited into. And I have consistently turned all these invitations down, and will always do so.

Don’t take it personal, but you have to stop complaining about the new Facebook for several reasons.

First, thanks to Facebook you could find people that you haven’t met for years and learn how they are and what they do in case you want to know. And it’s free of charge unless you count the monthly internet bill which you pay anyway in order to learn what is going on around the world, write an email, and so on.

Second, thanks to Facebook you get more connected with the world. Some of the news articles and important events are posted on Facebook in addition to somewhere else so to a certain extent you end up benefiting from a diverse amount of information. And it’s free of charge!

Third, thanks to Facebook you have an opportunity to better market yourself. Use it wisely, and you might be able to find a job or to be preferred by your potential employer who looked for your name on that website. And it’s free of charge!

Fourth, thanks to Facebook you have an opportunity to find more people who have similar interests to yours. And it’s a lot easier than, for example, fifteen years ago when you had to have the enthusiasm to look for such people and find them in forums that few people know about. And did I mention that it’s free of charge?!

Fifth, the Facebook administrators are trying to make your experience more enjoyable even though they don’t see a penny out of your pocket.

Sixth, when was the last time you did not get used to a new Facebook and did not start to like its new features after you hated them at the beginning?! My point exactly!

In fact I am not sure what is so bad about the new Facebook. It is upgraded to such an extent probably because of its competition with Twitter where every new tweet by a profile that you are following is posted on your news timeline tab.

If you don’t like Facebook anymore, and you even started to hate it that much, there is still MySpace, and there are also Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking websites. Just don’t complain about a service that you use for free.



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2 responses to “Don’t get mad at Facebook

  1. Excellent points! I am so glad you talked about this. I had the same conversation just last night. Yet, such a reaction is to be expected. We are creatures of habit and routine, for the most part, and so any change that disturbs out morning ritual of sipping coffee while checking fb throws a stone in the still waters. People will get used to it before they know it.
    Personally, I can’t be bothered to be frustrated about Facebook. There are far more important things that deserve my attention and far more productive ways to invest energy. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Dima! I agree that we are creatures of habit but we have to get out of our comfort zone every once in a while, and that includes our reactions. When you react in a certain way you have to ask yourself how justified your complaints are – what merits they have, can you think of any better?

    My main point here is that if something is there for you free of charge, unless it is as crucial for society such as healthcare or education, you can’t complain or start bashing entrepreneurial people who made you way better off than your money ($0.00) or your praises ($0.00 as well) are worth.

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