The North Korea we know little about

If you know me, you know that I like watching and reading about North Korea. It is not because I like it (in fact the more I find out about it the more I get to hate it, as you have probably noticed) but because it is mysterious and the most isolated country in the world. If it weren’t for the few journalists and tourists who were granted visas to the Secret State and documented their visit (sometimes without being allowed), all the footage would be purified the way only the Korean Central News Agency and David Pluth are capable of.

I thought I knew a lot:

  • total control of public affairs by the state
  • media propaganda
  • coerced love and devotion to the Great/Dear/Whatever Leader
  • the gulags where not dissidents but also all of their relatives are kept forever unless they somehow manage to escape as was the case with one North Korean who was actually born in one of them and was brainwashed into believing that he was in the best place on Earth (though constantly hungry) until a newcomer told him that that was not the case at all, and made him dream to escape
  • the Juche idea whose author, who passed away in 2010, barely defected and whose family later allegedly committed suicides to avoid the gulags
  • all the theater happening there every time there is a visit from abroad
  • defectors trying to reach South Korea through China, Mongolia or Thailand
  • the few special economic zones (SEZ) in North Korea
  • the few SEZs in China inhabited mainly by North Koreans
  • North Koreans’ life of fear in their country’s allegedly greatest ally China

However, I have never known of North Korean labor camps in Russia until I saw this video posted by Journeyman Pictures. This is probably another reason why the North Korean regime is still alive. These workers are paid next to nothing to support it. Who knows what it allegedly gets from the contractors and/or the Russian government for being provided with eternal cheap labor?! After all, this is still trade. The North Korean government gives them goods, I mean workers, and they allegedly pay. All they have to do is to allegedly keep them a little better off. Ironically this is what Karl Marx was opposed to in the Communist Manifesto – exploitation of labor – but I guess they know better than me about communism. And no, I hate communism, as I have shown in previous articles.

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