One Successful Woman: Marissa Mayer

On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, longtime Google executive Marissa Mayer was appointed as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo. Specializing in search and artificial intelligence, she apparently mastered the subject matter to such an extent that she would later become Google’s first female engineer – in 1999.

Reportedly thanks to Marissa Mayer, Google is now more user-friendly and more informative than ever. She is behind projects such as Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Images, Google Books, Street View, Local Search, GMail, and even the today’s design of the web page.

This happens despite feminists’ criticism of the modern-day world which they largely define as paternalistic and discriminatory toward women, especially in male-dominated industries. As we are aware, the world of information technology mainly consists of males. Yet after having earned much success in her career, Marissa Mayer is now Yahoo’s leader. I would be thrilled to see how this firm will change under her leadership and experience.

Good luck, Ms. Mayer!

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