Marissa Mayer’s Next Project? My prediction.

As I reported in my previous article, longtime Google executive and Marissa Mayer was appointed by Yahoo as its new President and CEO. I also noted that she was involved in tens of Google projects – among them GMail, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Images, Google Books, Local Search, Street View, and even today’s design of Google. This is legacy of an entrepreneur who would keep earning her own success.

She is most likely not as satisfied with her accomplishments as to stop thinking about new ideas and is apparently passionate particularly about one field in information technology. Her specialization in search is arguably the main reason why she is what she is nowadays – a successful young woman who also pledged not to take long maternity leave and even devote part of it to her work. Having said that, it is safe to suggest that Marissa Mayer’s very next project – that is, priority number 1 – is to have safe and sound pregnancy, and bear a healthy child.

Besides that, her passion about search as a field in information technology likely prompts her to look at ways to improve internet searches. Not a long time ago, Google was the first search engine to become more user-friendly by suggesting additional words in every type of search. For example, if person A would like to search “real estate” all it takes is to write the word real and the word estate appears in the suggestions box, among others. The Google projects mentioned above are other significant improvements in the search experience, as well as more entertaining.

My prediction is that Marissa Mayer will have contributed to the next level of search – identifying letters that appear in images such as a scanned document or a picture of any kind of text. They will be available to appear in search results and to be copied and pasted  in case the user doesn’t speak the language or doesn’t know its alphabet but is interested in searching a very particular expression. In fact, Ms. Mayer might be involved in such a project while I am writing this article.

Note: This article is a general prediction. I do not in any way claim that Marissa Mayer is involved in this project.

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