Youtuber pp000610 (Former Soviet Citizen Vladimir Jaffe): A Fraud or Someone Who Looks for the Truth? You Decide

In a previous article, I expressed my disapproval of the Occypy Wall Street (OWS) movement. The organization – like the Tea Party – has no leader. However, unlike the Tea Party, it is full of people who have no clue what change they want and how they want to attain it. On the one hand, there are Ron Paul supporters who are tired of crony capitalism – the close relationship between business people and the government in effort for the latter to enact legislation that is favorable to them without any regard to its impact on the people. On the other hand, there are socialists and communists who demand that the government tax the rich, take over areas such as health care in the form of a single-payer system, and demand that the rich pay college students’ loans, among other things.Meanwhile, the Tea Party has a very clear message – smaller government, more individualism, less taxes, and cuts in the federal budget in an effort to address its deficit, among other things. The Tea Party unanimously supports capitalism, whereas at the OWS rallies there is no consensus on what economic system is better, though from the pp000610 (Vladimir Jaffe’s) videos the viewer gets the impression that Occupiers are unanimously supportive of socialism. In this article, I will give my opinion on whether or not the former Soviet citizen is a scam.

The first time I came across his video was 7 months ago when he confronted Che Guevara supporters and proud socialists. Besides their support of socialism and Che Guevara without having any idea of the bad reputation and history of both, he managed to further show their ignorance by asking them about the difference between North Korea and South Korea. The old lady’s answer – that “workers in North Korea get paid decent wages…” – sounds like an oxymoron to every scholar and observer of North Korea, as I am. He asked the same question to an Occupier who was part of a group whose member allegedly disrupted then presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s speech at a rally.

Soon after the video with the Che Guevara and socialism supporters turned viral, he was invited to FOX News’ Freedom Watch to talk about that video and also the difference between capitalism and socialism – especially rights and freedoms, and making profit. He not only had a good point but he was also right about the essence and reality of the two orders – capitalism which is maintained by the people (particularly the laws of supply and demand), and socialism which is maintained by the government and doesn’t recognize the having private property and making profit. The fundamental difference between the two orders led to the difference between capitalist countries – especially the United States – and socialist countries all of which failed with their planning economies and are still lagging behind the capitalist countries on standard of living, among other things.

So far, Vladimir Jaffe, who also allegedly managed to convert an Occupier to capitalism, seems like an honest person who tries to talk sense into ignorant people – what I believe a good citizen should do. I consider re-educating your fellow citizens – for he is a U.S. citizen – on the issues as well as listening to them in an effort to understand their views and potentially improve your own views in search for the best order as a truly patriotic act.

However, I question his good intention in two videos. In the first one, he questions health care as a human right in a conversation with an old lady from the Vermont Workers’ Center. The conversation went smoothly and Mr. Jaffe even added his alternative – pork reform and cross-state insurance which meaning to be able to buy insurance from, say, New Jersey, even if you are not a New Jersey resident. The conversation went smoothly until the 5:30 minute when he heard that she was alright with socialism in the U.S. health care system.

Vladimir Jaffe was apparently not satisfied with the idea of “socialized medicine” adding that socialized means to abolish capitalism and establish socialism. And he mentioned, as in most of his videos, that socialism never works. While he is right, this video contradicts another video that he made on OWS rallies – titled Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Occupy Wall Street (Part 4). In the 4:30 minute he asked “Give me… name… a syngle so-called socialist or totalitarian country where the standard of living would be higher than that of the capitalist countries.” The blonde lady immediately named Norway, Sweden, the “Norwegian countries” (she apparently confused Scandinavian or Nordic with Norwegian), and he quickly interrupted her by saying that “they are not socialist” and continued by asking them “what is your definition of socialism.” Three second later – when the blonde lady mentioned “socialized medicine” Mr. Jaffe insisted on the difference between the words “socialized or social” and the word socialism claiming that they are “totally different.”

The rest of the conversation – including when the two women in the video apparently showed a very similar ignorance of the situation in North Korea to that of the Occupiers that I mentioned above – is not important to this article. What is important is that in Mr. Jaffe’s conversation with the old lady from the Vermont Workers’ Center he defined socialized as word that “smacks of socialism,” while in the video above he claimed that the words “socialized” and “social” are “totally different” from the word socialist – “social system versus socialism,” as he clarified his claim on 5:18 minute.

Moreover, a quick observation on his channel and a the very beginning of his video Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Socialists at Occupy Wall Street (Part 4) confirm that he is a Republican, not just a Tea-Partier – a Republican who supports George Bush and everything that the Republican Party stands for. And George Bush is generally blamed by a lot of Republicans and Conservatives, especially for his support and signature for No Child Left Behind, and the Troubled Asset Relief Program which are claimed by true Conservatives to respectively be big-government, and counter-cyclicle and therefore anti-capitalist (a form of bailout in order to stimulate the money-market economy) policies. For more information, you may refer to one of the staunchest advocates for conservatism – Michael Savage who hosts his talk show The Savage Nation –  who refers to George Bush as Liberal and incompetent on both the economy and on his job as Commander-In-Chief.

Vladimir Jaffe’s partisanship and apparent distortion of words in order to fit his “capitalist agenda,” as well as his support for George W. Bush and Israel prompts me to believe that he is a fraud or an ignorant Republican at best.


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2 responses to “Youtuber pp000610 (Former Soviet Citizen Vladimir Jaffe): A Fraud or Someone Who Looks for the Truth? You Decide

  1. This is why people have stopped listening to Micheal Wiener I mean Savage and have started listening to Levin. They are sick and tired of this cornball tow bit “they wont let me back in england,zero background in constitutional law,former dietitian whose wife published his books, . who used to love skinny dipping with Allen Ginsburg and is an idea thief hack.

    Hey genius…you wanna be a Nordic country ? Really? Is that your utopia? Is that your idea of America? Does it have the same population and freedoms as we do? Is it in any way comparable to the States?

    What exactly is a Capitalist agenda? Is that like the oxygen agenda? What other alternative agenda is there supposed to be? A top down tyrannical political system masquerading as an economic policy?

    What in pray tell is with the anti Israel bias? Where in the hell in any of his videos does Israel come up? I haven’t seen it nor would I know why it would matter.

    Talk about a fraud exposing himself.

  2. I explained very clearly why he is a fraud but you make no sense talking about things I never discussed in the article (Michael Savage, Israel, what the Nordic countries are). If you think that “social(ized)” is the same as “socialist” then stick with it. If you think that “social(ized)” and “socialist” are two different things, then again – stick with it. Don’t twist it just so that you fit your [allegedly purely partisan] agenda. In this article I never said what “I wanna be” (I can’t be a country but that’s another story), I opined why Vladimir Jaffe is a fraud. Same thing with Israel. I mentioned Israel because part of the Republican platform is to support Israel with everything that they can. And he expressed his full support of Israel – in other words, he doesn’t think for himself but instead lets the party (the GOP, that is) think for him. Name one issue that he stands for that is not Republican or is Democratic! Name one occasion where he says anything bad about a Republican or anything good about a Democrat. One single occasion or issue! Both parties have their advantages and disadvantages, just like both parties have politicians to be liked and politicians not to be liked. Yet on Vladimir Jaffe’s watch as long as you are a Republican you are good and as long as you are a Democrat you are bad. It doesn’t matter what you have accomplished or have failed to accomplish – the R or D next to your name is what makes the difference in his opinion of you. And whoever thinks like that is a partisan puppet and/or a fraud.

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