Kim Jong Un aspiring to be like Hitler – I knew it

The Washington Post’s Max Fisher quoted New Focus International as reporting that North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un, the third in the Kim Dynasty to grasp his people with an iron fist, will hand out 100 copies of Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf to high-ranking officials for the purpose of learning from the German experience of rebuilding its economy and military after its defeat in World War I, according to the cited source.

This should not be that surprising. In fact, North Korea and Nazi Germany look alike in almost every aspect. Max Fisher is correct that race-based nationalism and a cult of personality are two striking resemblances between the two regimes.

Meanwhile, I think that Mr. Fisher is incorrect in saying that only Nazi Germany was “bent on world domination.” Nazi Germany was bent on world domination because it had the potential to dominate the world. If North Korea had Nazi Germany’s potential, it would probably have similar, if not the same, ambitions.

Max Fisher also missed to discuss another striking resemblance between the two regimes: tyranny. The Nazi concentration camps are arguably the same as the North Korean concentration camps, except the torture and scientific experiments with humans don’t happen specifically with people of a different descent but with North Koreans. Youtube is full of videos that feature stories from defectors, especially from former prison guards at these camps, who discussed those scientific experiments whose aim is to measure how long a human body can sustain various kinds of poison of gaseous, liquid or solid state, and high level of radioactivity, among other lethal substances. The scientific process would require to use healthy subjects for this experiment, and that’s what the defector guards mentioned in their accounts. This is exactly what the Nazi German scientists used to do during WWII all of which is documented.

There are two probabilities as to why Mr. Fisher did not mention this. One of them might be ignorance of that going on. To my observation, few people, including journalists, are as acquainted with North Korea as I am. The second probability is that those accounts might happen not to be as trustworthy to him.

Whichever the case might be, I am in no way surprised by this report, and I believe that political analysts should put more focus on comparing North Korea to Nazi Germany, for the resemblances are much more than the differences. In fact, there are very few differences between the two totalitarian countries.

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