Translation: World War Two is waged by seriously ill people

The following text is a translation from Bulgarian into English. Its author is my father – Dr. Totko Naydenov – who wrote the one and only book about the well-known statesmen from Alexander the Great to Adolf Hitler which ties their diseases and disorders to their bad decision making. The following text, edited by my wife Luciana Naydenov, does not necessarily reflect mine or her views on the historic events discussed there.

The bloodiest events during the 20 century are undoubtedly:

• World War Two (a tally of 50 million dead, 28 million of whom – from the former Soviet Union)
• Its predecessor World War One (having taken more than 10 million human lives)
• Russia’s civil war (started by the German sellout and monster Vladimir Lenin, and having cost 13 million souls)
• Mass holodomor in Ukraine organized by Stalin (7 million dead)
• The terrifying and most spread out concentration camp in the world – the Bolshevik Gulag (at least 7 million died there)
• Atomic bombardments over Hiroshima and Nagasaki (over 200,000 people died).

It’s not less frightening that the vast majority of this tremendous number of casualties are completely innocent people, including little children.
How did the entire folly happen?

“Footage determines everything!” – Stalin is right.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the Civil War and ragingly belligerent sides during World War Two are all seriously ill.

And instead, like the ordinary people do, of retiring to a longterm leave and straight to retirement due to illness, they mindlessly slain tens of millions.

Vladimir Lenin (1870 – 1924) manages, through a charge (and benevolent pay) by German General Ludendorff, to withdraw Russia from World War One, and puts the beginning of the most colossal, nightmarish and catastrophic social experiment, which destroys the development of both Russia and, as a result, of the entire Eastern Europe. Ulyanov-Lenin has inherited very bad health. His father, one of his brothers and both of his sisters die, like him, at around the age of 54-55 years of ischemic stroke caused by generalized cerebral atherosclerosis. In the case of the Chief’s, it is especially advanced in the left hemisphere and – medically inevitable – it brings him four consecutive strokes in this zone. Right with the first stroke he gets partial paralysis to the right and almost complete inability to talk. Eight months after the first stroke, the other three strokes follow onto him – he completely degrades and mostly bellows like a speechless ox.

During the autopsy they discover hardened arteries in the basis of his skull and thrombosis in the left carotid artery as well as softening of the brain. Healthcare Commissioner Semashko personally confirms the data from the autopsy in a naïve but candid way: “Sclerosis of Vladimir Ilych’s cerebral vessels went as far as calcifying them. Touching them with tweezers sounds like touching stone. Many blood vessels’ walls are so thickened (author’s notes: he probably means to say clogged from the inside with atherosclerotic plaques) that through the aperture (author’s notes: their lumen) not even a hair can pass (author’s notes: in other words that they turned completely pathless which is a classic malignant atherosclerosis). Thus entire parts of the brain were deprived of fresh blood.”

To all Communists’ shame, this brain is carefully preserved in a beaker filled with formalin. Here’s how writer Yury Annenkov describes the exponent: “One hemisphere was healthy-looking with normal size, clearly defined sulsi, the other hemisphere (author’s notes: without any doubt he describes the left hemisphere), which hung as if attached to a tape, was twisted, crushed, shattered and not bigger than the size of a walnut (author’s notes: completely atrophied by the sclerosis, and probably – in combination with the syphilitic rubber).

The creation of an entire Institute for the Study of Lenin’s Brain where “scientists” explore and peruse with a microscope every sulcus and cell, as if they do not know that the thought process is not material but functional, is mind-boggling.

The arteries that feed the cardiac muscle are sclerotic too. Besides the inevitable angina pectoris, Lenin understandably suffers from acute hypertension which tortures him (strong headache, weakness, quick fatigue, irritability, irascibility and petulance, noise in the ears, insomnia) which makes Lenin barely bearable to the people around him.

Diligently and unreservedly helped by the mass executioners of the Russian people – Trotsky, Kaganovich, Sverdlov, Zinoviev, Dzerzhinsky, Voroshilov, Molotov, Stalin and the other satraps, Lenin expands an incredible, by its size, and reckless bloody terror in the weary country. Sclerotic and syphilitic brain does not exhibit even a tiny droplet of mercy to anybody. Every second telegram and note of his (he just loved the flying-around notes that were also written on fast and on his knee) addressed to his associates and the rest iron Bolshevik-cutthroats commands without any condition: He cannot hide his hatred to his own people (“Feed the Russian fools without giving them money,” he orders when, being in exile, associates come from elsewhere in the native land). And no wonder: in that mega-monster’s blood there is not a single erythrocyte of Russian blood – his grandfather on his father’s side is a successor of a Kalmuck man and a Chuvash woman, his wife is a Kalmuck; his grandfather on his mother’s side is a converted Jewish physician, his wife is the daughter of a German man and a Swedish woman. Why should he love and pity the foreign Russian people?!

“Shoot down the plotters and those who hesitate without asking anybody and do not allow idiotic protraction!”; “It is necessary for a mass merciless terror to take place. Those that are doubtful should be thrown into concentration camps. Punitive squads should be participating!”; “The problem with Cossacks should be decided through their mass extermination. A mass terror among the rich Cossacks should take place and they should be exclusively exterminated.” (author’s notes: This is a classical genocide, a Holocaust!); “The more representatives of the reactionary clergy and reactionary bourgeoisie we can shoot down, the better.”; “Shoot down, hang!”; “We won’t hesitate to shoot down thousands of people!”; “Hang 100-1,000 of their (author’s notes: Latvians and Estonians) civil bureaucrats and rich people!”; “The crushing of the Kazan Czechs and whiteguards will be exemplarily unsparing!” ; “The collective goal is cleansing of all kinds of harmful bugs throughout the Russian land, and they, as is known, should be massively exterminated”; “If heroic measures are not taken up (about the carrying of firewood for heating by Moscovites), I will personally lead not just the arrests of all responsible individuals, but also the firing squad”. He orders villagers to be taken hostages for the snow cleaning of the railway and “if they do not do this satisfactorily – they should be shot down”; “Citizens who refuse to announce their names should be shot down on the spot without trial (Ulyanov studied law as an irregular student for a total of a year and 3 months but without graduating with a law degree, doesn’t he know about the presumption of innocence until proven guilty; and what are these bourgeois conceits about court – the court here is the drunken commissioner clad in his East European military jacket and nagant M1895, the troika-tribunal); “The kidnaping of hostages should be announced and they should be shot down in case the weapon (author’s notes: of the people who are rebelling the terror) does not give up”.

How could similar, most ferocious , orders be reflected upon besides as a premeditated genocide toward your own people with their key words: “Unsparingly!”, “Shoot down!”, “Hang”?!

Namely on Lenin’s command Marshal Tukhachevsky, a butcher to the rebels, executes without court procedure or trial not more or less than 3,000 of them; he burns entire villages of the rebellious and troubled Tambov Oblast, crippled by the organized hunger, and orders the Red Army men to shoot at random toward the houses regardless of whether there are children or seniors inside. Lenin orders Sverdlov the execution of the entire royal family. The civil war, started by the Chief, has not thawed away yet, he orders the testing of bourgeois’ cultural Poland’s ability to withstand the army. Lenin’s soldiers, led by the same merciless war dog Tukhachevsky (future victim of the even more “humane” human – Comrade Stalin), loot rape, shoot down Slavic brothers, until they are finally crushed in Warsaw by heroic Marshal Pilsudsky and go back with no glory.

And how are volunteers recruited to the new People’s Red Army?
Probably by Lenin’s directive (or at least, for sure – not without his knowledge and wholehearted approval) the military commissioner – Comrade Trotsky – orders the men in every village where the Red Army is present to be called at the main plaza, and kindly and politely be asked to enroll as volunteers. Almost always there was not one willing. Then iron commissioners begin walking around the line and start shooting bullets in the men’s head starting from the left. After the first 2-3 corpses, the rest of the line start raising their hands indicating that they want to be counted as “volunteers” in the Red Army.

In 1919 when 13 million Russians and Ukrainians are already killed or died of hunger, fever or cholera in the most devastating civil war ever seen, Comrade Lenin creates, with Comrade Trotsky’s support, the famous first Bolshevik concentration camp for re-education of the class enemy – in the Solovetsky Islands. The writing over the portal is chilling with its ruthlessness and cynicism: “With an iron hand we will lead humanity to happiness”. What happiness – of the mass terror, shootings and hunger?!… So people are right to call the authority not “Soviet” but “Solovetskaya”, in other words concentration-camp-centered.
Without any hesitation the greatest enemy of the Russian people Ulyanov-Lenin orders butcher Trotsky to sign the humiliating Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany.

Here’s to what terrifying characteropathy, ruthless toward an entire large people, lead atherosclerosis and syphilis, especially when they are combined!

So this most cruel and sadistic person, degraded by syphilis and sclerosis, was glorified for decades as the “most humane among humans”!!!
The best student and successor of the bloody monster Lenin is, without any doubt Joseph Stalin (1879 – 1953), having developed to colossal intensity the social and Russian-ethnic-centered genocide, started by Lenin and his most faithful war dog Trotsky, having killed millions of innocent people with different or opposing views.

“Peoples’ Genius” leads unreasonable and unhealthy lifestyle – he smokes, he is not active, he binge drinks almost every night – he drinks a lot and eats to bursting. Like Ilyich, he is hypertensive, with strongly developed atherosclerosis, and dies, similar to him, of stroke (but unlike him – of the hemorrhage kind) in the same left hemisphere. It is his second stroke (he gets the first at the end of 1945, extra exhausted by the war, but he overcomes it). At the autopsy, they see that his left cardiac chamber hypertrophied (dilated) – undeniable data implying long-developing hypertonic disease which the dictator does not observe, nor does he control, at all due to his eternal fear from, and distrust toward, doctors. He only accepts decoction of unknown herbs, prepared by his faithful Secretary Alexander Poskrebyshev who is a former paramedic; in the morning Stalin drinks half a glass of warm water with around ten drops of iodine.

Lenin starts paying attention to Stalin, when the latter successfully deals with the counterrevolutionaries in Tsaritsyn (1918, nowadays known as Volgograd) in a very impressive and creative way: he has several thousands of soldiers and wealthier citizens, taken captive embark on a barge on the Volga river and then has that barge sink in the river. Because of this feat, the city gets named after him – Stalingrad – a vile name that boggles its citizens’ dream.

Cruel, heartless and ruthless even toward his closest allies, Stalin is apparently suffering from a latent paranoid schizophrenia. His diagnosis is given by the world-famous neurologist and psychiatrist Bekhterev in 1927; his fatal mistake is that, shocked by his discovery he carefully spreads it to a few witnesses. Two days later, the professor dies of “acute food poisoning”…

His disease intensifies in 1937, the “Year of Terror”, when 70 percent of the members of the Central Committee, and half of the 2,000 delegates of the 17th Congress of the CPSU, are arrested and shot down. Just for the period of February 1937 until November 1938, 43,000 officers of the Red Army are executed, which encourages Hitler to attack vast country.
Here is his chilling toast during the gala lunch with the party apparatus on November 7, 1938 when he is apparently in the peak of his power, fame and schizophrenia: “We will exterminate every enemy of the people. We will exterminate every relative of the enemy. We will ruthlessly exterminate everyone who, with their actions and thoughts (author’s notes: yes, thoughts too) encroaches on the unity of our socialist state.” Three chilling sentences, each of which contains peremptory daring verb “exterminate”…

Premeditated and without any pity he organizes the mass hunger (the notoriously terrifying “Holodomor” in Ukraine, USSR’s granary, by exporting its entire wheat to Germany, while 7 million Ukrainians die, left without one bite of bread and in some places they end up resorting to cannibalism even toward their own children!!!

He holds “in check” his closest cooperators. The wife of the huge country’s formal President Mikhail Kalinin (the “First Lady”) cleans off lice from concentration camp inmates in Siberia for a long time. Stationed there are also Polina Zhemchuzhina, the uneducated wife (but member of the Central Committee) of the ever strong Minister of Foreign Affairs Molotov, as well as of his long-term Secretary Poskryobyshev (and soon after that, supposedly just with a 3-year sentence – shot); the brother of the unsparing cutthroat Lazar Kaganovich – Mikhail (shot too); much earlier Sergo Ordzhonikidze is forced to kill himself. Fearless legendary Marshal Budyonny, for whom the people sings passionate songs, without any murmuring and singlehandedly arrests and comfortably drives her with his car to the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) his second wife – famous Bolshoi Theatre opera singer Olga Mikhailova, charged with spying for Great Britain and Poland… Unlucky diva dies out just like this – in Siberia, never sought by her heroic little man…
The Chief personally orders Lenin’s associates – Kamenev and Zinoviev (a diligent executioner in Leningrad and possessor of its ballerinas), Marshals Tukhachevsky and Egorov, Yagoda and Ezhov (NKVD leaders who blindly followed his insane outrages over his own people) and hundreds of thousands of other Bolsheviks – to be sentenced to death and executed.
Nobody has killed more Communists than their favorite Chief – Comrade Stalin! With Lavrentiy Beria’s cooperation, Stalin’s new evil commissioner, the Chief organizes the monstrous Gulag Archipelago, consisting of 22 basic concentration camps with around 6,000 smaller branches throughout the entire country and in well “renowned” cities like Kolyma, Magadan and Vorkuta, where an inmate ceases to be a person, but instead is just a stamped number on his ragged quilted jacket and could be shot at any second by his superintendents without any reason or die of an intense hunger, fatigue or cold.

Gulag’s victims are calculated by the various scholars to be between 9 million and 20 million (Solzhenitsyn calculates them to be the unthinkable 60 million); according to the official Soviet data, 2,370,000 Soviet citizens go through the Archipelago over a period of 20 years and the shamefully recognized total mortality was estimated to be no higher than 20 percent. In addition to that – over 3 million German prisoners of war (POWs) end up there half of whom either die or are directly exterminated; only 6,000 soldiers of the 300,000-strong army of Field Marshal Paulus, frostbitten in Stalingrad, return to their homeland…
According to the American demographer Rudolph Rummel, during its most cruel period – between 1918 and 1953 – the Bolshevik communism exterminated 1.7 million citizens of the Soviet Empire on average annually. Everybody can calculate the tally.

In Gulag, the vast majority of the unlucky Soviet POWs end up dying. Pursuant to Order 227/1942, Red Army men who turn themselves in are “promised” a compulsory 10-year re-education in Siberia after their liberation from the German concentration camps (which also ends up being strictly executed); meanwhile their families end up being deprived of the meagre military rations of black bread, in other words they are foredoomed to a certain death by hunger. “Death awaits you everywhere: to the front it is glorious, to the back it is shameful!,” this is how the fighters correctly decipher this well renowned order, famous as “Not one step back!,” which maybe plays a decisive role toward victory (because until then they massively capitulate in front of the Germans). They drink holus-bolus their ration of a mug of military vodka, given out to them to raise their courage before an attack, and they rush forward through the mines shouting “For Country, for Stalin!,” followed by commissioners and special forces (consisting of criminals freed from Gulag), with their machine guns pointed toward their backs.

Of course, Russian stoic man’s patriotism cannot be denied either, but this sacred feeling is doubtlessly often multiplied by the famous Order 227.

The Law for the Preservation of the Socialist Property, enacted on August 7, 1932, is also renowned and that’s why it is known to the people as “seventh-eighth” in which the Chief singlehandedly added the clause “Those who encroach on public property must be treated as enemies of the people.” Punishments predicted in it for privatizing a kolkhoz property (including taking a wisp of wheat or rye) are in the vicinity of the “merciful” 10 years in prison to capital punishment, i.e. shooting; those punishments apply to children too!!!

The terrifying forced collectivization of agriculture cannot be surpassed either. The most hardworking and wealthiest villagers, referred to with the demagogue name “kulak” end up being massively exiled to Siberia or straightforwardly exterminated, and their lands are confiscated and included to the kolkhoz properties. Kuban Kazakhs rebel, despite their obvious doom, mad from hunger. Drunken Checka burn down their wooden houses together with the screaming children and their mothers and grandmothers inside; whoever makes it outside is killed with bayonets. Now let’s see now who in Russia will dare oppose against the fair Soviet power and instructions from the most loved Chief!
His dealing with the Caucasus peoples – Chechens, Ingushetians, Karachays, Balkarians, Kalmykians, Crimean Tatars, Meskhetian Turks, Kurds and others who collaborated with the German occupators, is ruthless too. During the winter of 1943-1944 they are woken up from bed early and their houses are set on fire without checking whether there were terrified children, women and seniors inside who would be hiding there. After that, survivors are taken to Siberia where they are left among the frosty steppes to figure out how to deal with it – without building materials or provisions.

Even during the war’s climax, 50 percent of the Soviet wagons are filled with inmates, not fighters, in other words they are being used for repressions, not for military purposes: what a meaningless and criminal waste of material and human resources! Stalin’s heavy form of paranoia goes on and doesn’t lose intensity with time and age. He accepts USA’s benevolent aid in the form of technology and military equipment (loaned or not, he never ends up owing anything to them after the victory), but he refuses… medicine, including penicillin, which are much needed for the health care of wounded and sick soldiers, with which decision he becomes the indirect cause for the high death rate among them.

A bright example for the absolute disregard for, and heartless extermination of, life, which the “Father of Peoples” commits, is his behavior toward the Warsaw Uprising (August through September 1944). However, it was organized by the “foreign” pro-British Home Army (Polish Resistance Armia Krajowa), not by pro-Bolshevik Armia Ludowa. Over exactly 63 days Marshal Konev’s divisions indifferently observe from the other side of the Wisla River the extermination of the heroic anti-Fascist fighters (18,000 of them perish) and the extermination of further 165,000 civilians. Something more – after they finally cross the river, the pseudo-heroes from NKVD capture the Polish soldiers who survived and they execute them on the spot or send them to Siberia.
Before that, in the spring of 1940, by Stalin’s personal order in the forest by Katyn around 22,000 captured Polish officers, the color of the nation – generals, doctors, teachers, engineers, clergy – are shot. Separate from that at least half of the 1.5 million Poles, driven away to Siberia after the conquest of western Poland, die there.

Here’s why in Poland it is hard to comfortably speak Russian…
Chief’s hastiness about conquering Berlin is incomprehensible – immediately on May 1 – which is delayed by just a day, since the naïve Commander-In-Chief Eisenhower (similar to Roosevelt) does not object to it, almost halting his advance toward the Fascist capital. Instead of smothering it with an occupation lasting several weeks and spare the terrifying number of casualty at the end of the war, Stalin loses more than 300,000 new soldiers, most of whom at the age of 16-17 years – since most of the older soldiers have already been killed. For every killed German soldiers, the USSR sacrifices seven! This is stupefied Tzar’s Army General Brusilov’s tactic during World War One: by piling up of mounds of Russian corpses, with literal drowning through blood of the opponent – drowning through blood but not your own blood – so that you terrify and beat the opponent. Russian mothers gave birth – so throw their sons forward like hay is thrown in fire; they will give birth to new ones…

Stalin is ruthless toward the Orthodox clergy too, despite having studied at the Spiritual Seminary in Tiflis (nowadays known as Tbilisi). (“It’s a pity that you didn’t become a priest,” his own mother will tell him before his eyes). In 1931, by Kaganovich’s suggestion, he orders the blast of the magnificent “Christ the Savior” temple. There cannot be other God but Him – the pocky Ossetian mega bandit. Tens of thousands of Orthodox clergy are exterminated. Thus the most ruthless and evil dictator who has ever lived on Earth, destroys the Russian people’s spirituality!
It’s true, during the war Stalin asks orthodoxy for health, he stops harassing it, but after the victory he forgets about it. “Noblesse oblige,” how naïve was the American president.

A little before he leaves this world, which he literally has shaken up, and moves to the Ninth Circle of Hell, the Lord’s paranoia apparently refurbishes and intensifies: he once again sees enemies everywhere; now – even among the Jews and the doctors at the Kremlin’s Hospital, who… planned to exterminate the members of Politburo and Him personally.
“If the enemy gives up, they destroy him,” Stalin repeats with satisfaction “big humanist” Maxim Gorky’s thought. And also: “We, Bolsheviks, are made of a different type of dough…”

How simple… And this sentence maybe explains everything.

Actually, here’s another interesting Gorky’s thesis: “Exterminating homosexuality, we exexterminate fascism…”, presented as a title of an article of his in Pravda (without any doubt written under the instruction of Comrade Stalin). People with an inclination to these non-standard sexual practices are being persecuted by the law – they are fired from work and stationed in a Gulag. (By the way, his moral and political twin Hitler is not one bit diligent in this deed: he stacks 500,000 German gays in the concentration camps with pink triangles on their revers…).

Stalin’s right hand in the repressions – the evil Marshal Lavrentiy Beria (1899 – 1953), immediately after his appointment as a successor of the emblematic cutthroat-dwarf Ezhov, is famous for his cleansing of the NKVD ranks, which orders the shooting of every fifth Checka (they know why themselves…). The numerous corpses, victims of “friendly fire” in Lubyanka (the dark location of the most evil Soviet institution in Moscow) are driven away in wagons with a writing that says “Bread” to the incinerators; and with their ashes they fertilize the fields…
When Hitler approaches the capital city, Beria (doubtlessly, under the instruction of the Lord) orders all of the prisoners to be immediately shot “so that they do not fall into the hands of the enemy.” Thus tens of military commanders, including several generals, die for no reason.

Beria is the master of not just the terrifying Gulag, but also of the beautiful Moscow women, who feel utter terror even by just hearing his name. Special team from NKVD, led by two colonels – Nadaria and Sarkisov – walk the streets of the Soviet capital at night and take away to the cabinet of the slimy and disgusting boor every maiden, even a schoolgirl, who would be considered more beautiful… The two colonels know very well that virgins give him the greatest pleasure. After being convicted and executed (December 1953), the prosecutor announces to his widow Nina Gegechkori that her husband confessed to 760 rapes as well as to syphilis caught in 1942.

British fat man and alcoholic Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965) was born a preemie in the 7th month and barely survives. Though pregnant, his future mother Jennie Jerome does not maintain herself at all: she has fun – she dances tirelessly at balls, she rides, she goes hunting and namely there she falls from a horse and gives birth to her son; both of them barely survive.

Since young age preemie Churchill leads a suicidal unhealthy lifestyle – he is a gourmand and a fat man, at lunch he dries up at least half a bottle of wine – Bordeaux or Burgundy; he finishes it up with a Porto; in the afternoon he drinks up his first whisky with soda and ice followed by a bottle of champagne at the end, before bed, he also pours a glass of Napoleon cognac down his throat. When he is in a good mood or at a business meeting he prefers Russian vodka with black caviar; a genuine home alcoholism! Havana cigars never leave his mouth – he whiffs 15 of them daily. Even without a physician’s checkup it is clear that he is hypertensive and an alcoholic with a greasy black liver which is invariably combined with general atherosclerosis.

He often gets angina bouts (angina). In 1941, now 67 years old, he gets a heavy and sharp bout; it is most likely an infarct but only 48 hours later he goes, though pale and with a totter, to a state gala. He is diagnosed with a mild manic-depressive syndrome (a bipolar disorder, cyclophrenia). In 1949 (now in opposition) he gets his first stroke (ischemic); he briefly gets mute. Despite that he runs for prime minister again and he gets elected (October 1951). Only four months later (February 1952) a new stroke overtakes him; since then he speaks hard, forgets easier, contradicts himself, cannot concentrate, loses his train of thought and cannot follow it. Throughout his second term as a prime minister he suffers from a headache apparently due to past violations of cerebral blood circulation, mild ischemic strokes follow him as well as frequent hypertensive crises. He resigns after more than three years of physical, intellectual and political vegetating (spring 1955) at the age of 80.

After his retirement he receives a third, even harder, stroke, followed by epileptic seizures (that’s how impaired his brain is) “petit mal” type (as with Caesar and Napoleon). He receives a fourth, but even the latter does not bring to the grave the culprit responsible for the loss of millions of human beings most of whom completely innocent. He has been a stark wreck for a long time but he doesn’t give up his cigars, nor his whisky and red wine. Despite his completely ruined health, he dies as late as 1965 at the age of 91 – an amazingly strong gene, he would probably live more than 100 years of age provided that he lived a reasonable life.

Churchill is really a mass murderer. In 1940 after the mass escape through the English Channel at Dunkirk, he orders the French ships in North Africa to be sunk under the pretext not to be captured and used by the Germans; thus he kills 1,300 allied seamen in a most irresponsible, most ruthless and completely in vain (they do not waste their time to warn them and take them with them).

The British prime minister knows Luftwaffe’s preparation for a devastating attack over Coventry for sure. He can prevent its destruction and the thousands of victims but he doesn’t warn his fellow countrymen so that the Hitler supporters do not find out that the British decipherers have looked into their code. And the unfortunate city is smoothly and completely levelled with the ground.

Namely the old fat drunkard, with his alcoholic, and eternally wrapped in tobacco fumes, brain, sanctions the “total war” tactic where there is no distinction between the enemy on the battle ground and the people behind its back.

It’s true, the ideologue of this cruel and deeply anti-humane and undemocratic thesis is somebody else – Marshal Arthur Harris, also known as “Bomber” Harris as well as “Butcher” Harris (both of his nicknames are on-point). He convinces the prime minister that strategic bombardments (read as in: mass bomb-ridden carpet on your back carelessly exterminating peaceful citizens) will put an end to the war.
The first demonstrative action in this sense, blessed by Churchill’s alcoholic brain, is the barbaric bombardment over Cologne; followed by the aerial assault over Lubeck with incendiary bombs and the future Nobel literature laureate is as happy as a child when hearing the announcement that “the city is burning as firewood”. Twenty-five percent of Great Britain’s military production and 7 percent of British members of the military deal exclusively with bombarding the German towns and the extermination of their peaceful defenseless population. Later these forces are joined by the allied American bombers. Thus over 600,000 peaceful civilians are killed, mainly women, senior citizens and children whose only sin is that they are Germans. Not to mention the completely unnecessary destruction and incineration of Dresden at the very end of the war (in the night of February 13-February 14, 1945), that happened due to an order by the military criminals Churchill and Roosevelt. A total of 125,000 die, 30,000 of whom are burned alive.

“The German people must swallow part of the British people’s sufferings,” the British baldy guy with his fatty and dewlap calmly justifies another atrocity of his, while he calmly puffs from his cigar and sips his whisky, “Germany deserved this. I am proud of the operation!” Indeed a statesman, calling himself a democrat can afford to compare himself with a fascist and commit a fascist’s acts, and feels pride in the extermination of tens of thousands of women and children?!

Let’s also remind ourselves, with sadness, the completely unnecessary pirate night bombardments over the Bulgarian capital Sofia where 2000 innocent people die, including sleeping children-angels. After the commitment of the feat, the British prime minister self-righteously threatens that Sofia should be leveled to the ground and potatoes should be planted over its ruins.

Does this alcoholic say a prayer before going to bed at night, does he turn to God with a plea for peaceful dreams?

The fact that Hitler first applies the inhumane tactic of the outrageously furious extermination of innocent people, including children, does not justify the inhuman tactic of the Total War at all, gladly embraced by Churchill and hit American partner Roosevelt.

“Winners are not to be judged,” there is such a cynical maxim. It’s true. But at the Nuremberg trial mass murderers sue other mass murderers, in other words their colleagues in atrocities and crimes against humanity, just because they are winners, which cannot be a legal or a moral ground.
A murderer is a murderer regardless of the ideology that they preach… because nobody has the right to take away a priceless human life without their life being threatened. However, this can hardly be explained to a senile-drunkard.

The other big player and winner in World War Two is the American President Franklin Roosevelt (1882 – 1945). Despite having experienced poliomyelitis (polio) and since then being paralyzed from the lower back down, he already has five children from his marriage with Eleanor Roosevelt. Despite the harsh challenges, Roosevelt shows an incredibly strong spirit. He wins four consecutive presidential terms (1933-1945), thanks to his exceptional will, determination and fresh successful economic ideas. However, he gradually develops generalized atherosclerosis and constant heavy hypertension (reaching as high as 260/150mm) with the inevitable hypertrophy of the left chamber as well as heart failure.

Maybe his energy is also due to… chronic sinusitis which tortures him for many years. Pain generated by it are relieved by his physician, d-r Ross McIntyre, an ENT specialist by… direct application of cocaine in the nasal mucosa. Thus, impaired by this narcotic, to which Hitler was addicted too, the toned up American president gladly declares war on Japan and gets the U.S. involved in World War Two.

During the war, the malignant hypertension-ridden Roosevelt lives through a heart attack (August 1944), also gets cholelithiasis crises (due to gallbladder stones and their inflammation), and they inevitably lead to bad mood and impaired productivity. He also suffers from bronchitis (he smokes almost incessantly) as well as colitis. The president’s handwriting strongly worsens – an obvious indication of an intensifying brain sclerosis and the beginning of a Parkinson’s disease. He also develops Alvarez’s syndrome (frequently instantaneous change in mood, drowsiness, easy fatigue, lack of focus and loss of train of thought, wrong self-evaluation). His ENT is not competent enough on the above mentioned diseases and finds it hard to control their development and intensification.

And such a sick person is Commander-in-Chief of the American army, wages a world war!?

In such a condition, he thinks through the drop of a now almost completed atomic bomb over… Berlin.

At the three big players’ 8-day meeting in Yalta, fatal for Eastern Europe, the president of the most powerful country is being carried on hands. It’s been a long time since Roosevelt thought reasonably and was focused.

Even for a non-medical person it is not hard to notice his face of a sufferer (at the age of 63 he looks like at least a 70-year old), the picture of a future corpse. Despite that he never stops smoking a cigarette after a cigarette. He doesn’t have enough strength to hold his right hand when handshaking with allies so he has to support it with his left hand. He often falls asleep, he doesn’t follow conversations. He doesn’t read documents passed onto him by Churchill who runs amuck more and more at the American president’s defeatist, silly and stupid behavior in front of the sly swindler and tyrant Uncle Joe (Stalin). On the third night,

Roosevelt develops a hypertensive crisis and raises his blood pressure to the astonishing, maybe even record-high 300/170!!!

Only a completely inadequate senile will say such nonsense directed toward the Bolshevik tyrant with blood on his hands: “The division of the world will be smooth. We will give Europe to the Soviet Union. There is no doubt that Stalin won’t be acting harshly when he enters there… With him I would get along better than with Churchill who is an idealist, while Stalin is a realist like me. I am confident that if I offer him everything that I can offer him without anything in return, he will accept to work together for a world of democracy and peace – gratitude obliges.”

Stalin – a nobleman?! Stalin and lack of harshness?! Stalin and democracy?! And who gives the right to the overseas Mister President to distribute Europe and to control the destiny of other peoples; is he God?!
Furthermore – during his previous visit to Tehran, without notifying Churchill, Roosevelt secretly meets with the vile Chief at his residence. What a naivety, so strange for a serious statesman?!

That’s the degraded seriously ill pre-death bed politician voluntarily pushes the entire Eastern Europe into the hands of the vile Leninist, who he kindly refers to as “good Uncle Joe” as if it is his own or as if he is a U.S. ally.

A month and a half after the historic Yalta meeting, on April 12, 1945, that same person – one of the three great actors, develops an acute hypertonic crisis which brings his inevitable and fatal brain hemorrhagic stroke, probably followed by a massive heart attack.

However, Europe is mercilessly divided and its entire eastern part – given to the Georgian “Democrat” and “nobleman”.

Atherosclerosis and continuous heavy hypertonic disease do a lot of damage to the intellect. Combined, they inevitably cause tens of clinically unnoticeable strokes. Especially when combined with Parkinson’s disease, the merciless consequences are disorder of the intellectual and thought process plus brain damage and vessel damage (constant smoking further contracts the vessels and challenges logical thinking). God forbid if that brain is that of a leader of a country. It gets even worse if it’s a world leader…

The fourth main participant in the World War Two, after these three allies – Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt – of course, is their adversary Adolf Hitler (1889 – 1945).

Like his satrap comrade Stalin, he has genetically bad health. Four of his parents’ seven children die early: one of them has the Langdon-Down Syndrome, another is completely mentally challenged, little sister Paula is half mentally challenged; solely Adolf, the planet’s future Beelzebub is “more normal”. In his family there are several imbeciles, including a schizophrenic cousin – Alois – who was killed like tens of thousands of the likes of her, in accordance with his lunatic order to exterminate all psychopath and handicapped Germans who cannot be of any use to the Reich and the Fuhrer, and so there is no point in feeding them.

The most ferocious banisher and persecutor of the Jews is… a quarter Jewish. His future grandmother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber, an ageing 42-year old woman who was a servant to a rich Jew, sleeps with his son, 19-year old Leopold Frankenberger and gives birth to baby Alois, to whom they logically give the last name of her lonely parent. When Marian Anna finally marries somebody named Johanes Georg Hidler, though already at the age of 39 years, Alois accepts his last name. Junior Adolf learns about his grandmother’s “decline,” and, terrified, puts leeches on him so that they suck off his “sinful blood”. Later, at Goebbels’ suggestion, the Fuhrer changes the mild “d” in the middle with the harder and easier to chant “t”.

Clara, whom her only somewhat fit child is attached to, dies of breast cancer. Since then, the future German leader is hypochondriac (he suffers from panicky fear from all kinds of diseases): toward cancer, vaccines (he forbids his soldiers from being vaccinated against tetanus as a result of which hundreds of them who were wounded on the battleground die), and bacilli (he often washes his hands with soap). He loves animals and becomes a complete vegetarian, he even forbids the use of lard in his kitchen. He makes statements against experiments with dogs at laboratories; together with that he loves encouraging inhumane experiments with people at the concentration camps conducted by the evil Doctor Mengele.

The Fuhrer has an undeniably heavy personality disorder – hysteria, megalomania, narcissism, schizoid behavior. The most sexually desired man in Germany is plain pathetic: “sexually perverted” (as policemen in Vienna write on his file where he lived between 1906 and 1910), impotent, with inclinations toward sado-masochism, and, without almost any doubt, coprophagia (satisfaction during a time when women that he is with defecate on his face).

Some explorers (Nigel Cotorn) confidently claim that during his youth, wandering in Vienna, Adolf caught syphilis by a Jewish prostitute. Is it because of this that Hitler dedicates 13 pages to this disease in “My Struggle” and immensely hates Jews?

Of the seven women with whom it is known that Hitler has had relationship, five commit suicide. Among them is Eva Braun, an unstable hysteric with suicidal inclinations (she tries to put an end of her life twice before she dies with him in the bunker).

By his candid passion toward genocide, Hitler looks like the other monster Lenin. In front of a crowd of officers of his armed forces he states without qualm: “We are obliged to exterminate the population. We have to develop the extermination technique. I mean the extermination of entire racial units. I intend for us to technically accomplish namely that. I have the right to exterminate millions of people from the inferior race!” The difference between the two mega satraps is that Lenin (and also his successor Stalin) exterminate mainly their own people, while the Fuhrer is merciless toward the Jews and the other ethnicities other than the German one.

He projects the wiping off the face of the Earth not just of the Jews but also of the Slavs (who should be used as “fertilizer of the German nation”), blacks (whom he calls “nature’s insult”), Asians (except for the Japanese who are allies – so they are fine…). Under his rule, the Reichstag unanimously passes the Law of Citizenship in the Reich according to which a citizen of Germany is only those who have German or brotherly blood (the Scandinavian peoples), and only a citizen of Germany possesses human and political rights. Another mind-boggling law – for the “Preservation of the German Blood and of the German Dignity” – reads: “Marriages, as well as relationships without marriage, between Jews and German citizens or individuals with brotherly blood, are forbidden!”…
A law that forbids love and the liberty of the strictly divine right of the people to love each other?!? Only a complete idiot-psychopath, infantile and heavily perverted type can think of it and, on top of that, be able to have it passed through the parliament of a great country that has given geniuses like Goethe, Heine, Rilke, Bach, Handel, Wagner, Schubert, Schumann, and Beethoven!!

Similarly to Stalin, Hitler exterminates his allies now turned inconvenient, though they helped him reach to power, liquidating during the Night of the Long Knives, June 30, 1930, 150 officers from the SA together with their commander Ernst Rohm. Of course, this is a ridiculously small and inconsiderable number compared to the communists and officers who were victims of Stalin’s terror.

All-powerful Fuhrer’s personal doctor is dermatologist Doctor Theodor Morell who treated his personal photographer Hofmann from gonorrhea (he also presents to him his technician Eva Braun). This doctor is strange, to put it mildly: fat, greasy, dirty, stinky (because he hates taking a bath), but on the other hand – silver-tongued and convincing. He inhibits flatulence (belly’s bloating because of gases as a result of exceptionally vegetarian diet) of his high-up patient through D-r Koster’s gas-ridding tablets which were modern for their time and contain the strange and outwardly toxic combination of deadly nightingale and… strychnine. He also invents some “special and miraculous” powders containing crushed and dried excrements from a Bulgarian viper and buffalo’s testicles. (A tyrant who is strongly inclined toward mysticism, and also has a personal astrologer, blindly believes such mysticisms). He also sets muscle injections with progynon (female follicular hormone) on him against… gripes. To overcome dryness in his throat, he gives him… cocaine! He also drugs him with laxatives against his chronic constipation. The most unbridled aggressor in world history becomes cocaine-dependent, codeine-dependent, dependent on sleeping pills and dependent on the Vitamultin stimulant which also contains an amphetamine that Doctor Morell injects on him every morning since 1936 “against exhaustion”. He also gives him Pervitin tablets which also contain amphetamine plus vitamins. This stimulant really acts powerfully elevating to the groggy and strained Fuhrer and he repeatedly states that “Morell is my savior” without taking into account the lethal addiction.

On top of all that, Eva asks Doctor Morell to include means for sexual excitement. The dermatologist starts injecting Testoviron on him and gets him used to it by applying cocaine drops into his nose because Hitler complained about its dryness. Thus he technically turns him into a drug addict. Of course, Hitler does not become more potent but he gets used to the drug to the extent where he himself asks the doctor to “put the cocaine medicine in [his] nose”. What more convincing proof of drug addiction?

Amphetamine and cocaine, regularly taken by Hitler, without a doubt have an influence on the outcome of the war because under their influence he finds himself in a constantly lofty and uncritical as well as aggressive behavior. He considers himself divine, sinless and unbeatable. Probably due to this reason the uneducated corporal removes von Brauchitsch as the German army’s chief executive, takes his post and unapologetically instills his hysteric, incompetent and fatal opinions and decisions to his field marshalls and generals who graduated from general headquarters academies and have a diverse military experience. He orders General Guderian to change directions to his winning tank divisions, having reached just outside of Moscow. Instead of conquering it, they take a detour, during the incoming freezing winter to distant Stalingrad. Incredulous and concerned Guderian personally flies to Berlin by plane, despite the risk of his plane being taken down the dangerous way, so that he convinces his Fuhrer to cancel this insane order and to allow him to enter the Soviet capital, but he is adamant. Later Hitler does not allow Field Marshall Paulus to step down from the Reich’s fatal Stalingrad and does not allow him to prevent the incoming lethal Red Army hoop around his 300,000-strong. Thus Hitler dooms its army members to die and predetermines Germany’s debacle.

At the same time the Fuhrer already receives the first signs of angina and fast progressing Parkinson’s disease, which inevitably leads to gradual memory and intellect loss. And Morell injects increased doses of new stimulant which contains modified pervitin – Vitamultin forte. He also continues taking cocaine…

Hitler gradually loses his evil mind’s flexibility. He reacts slowly and inadequately especially in Normandy: he refuses twice to send new recruits to his generals because he is convinced that his allies will be successful in their offense in Calais. This predetermines the quick and catastrophic denouement of the war.

In January 1945 signs of Parkinson’s disease are clear with a naked eye. His left hand’s tremor increases, his right hand starts trembling too. He barely walks, he drags himself, his walk is violated, he often loses his balance and lurches, and shakes hands weakly and in a relaxed manner. He complains of frequent catarrh and clogging of the nasal canals. An x-ray is done on him and without any challenges a hemorrhage of the left sinus (facial cavity) is identified – a chronic bacterial sinusitis.

Thus a chronically ill and psychologically unbalanced opiated decrepit corporal – a hysteric, a hypertensive, a pervert and a self-loving narcissist, taken over by cardiovascular failure, angina and Parkinson’s disease, almost singlehandedly commands a huge front stretched out due to his own stupidity in three gigantic eastern bounds throughout 3,000 kilometers (plus a newly opened front to the west), as he constantly illogically and fatally changes his goals, his directions and the intentions of his exhausted army, despite the advice and objections by his competent generals.

The Fuhrer singlehandedly causes this second front, which is beyond his army’s strength, since on December 8, 1941, only two days after the powerful Russian counterattack in Moscow, instead of looking for ways to save his freezing soldiers, he declares needless fatal war on the United States – as an allied response to what the Americans did to Japan.
Actually Germany’s second front is opened a lot earlier – on the hot sands of northern Africa, also due to Hitler’s dogmatically foolish understanding about his responsibilities to his allies (this time toward Italy which irrationally attacks Ethiopia and loses battle after battle against the local tribes so Germany has to save them). The Fuhrer is now fatally late with his plans for his advance to Russia in the spring of 1941, which is why the unbeatable “General Frost” “haunts” him. And while in Moscow the German soldiers, clad in their thin summer jackets massively suffer from the bloody dysentery and freeze in cold weather at minus 40 degrees Celsius, at positive 40 degrees Celsius their fleas-ridden colleagues in the army of Romel die of stomach fever.

Well, there is no way that you can beat the entire world, all the more without your own resources…

Furthermore, even at the end of WWII the Fuhrer wastes huge resources and lives (around 900,000 soldiers) for pointless extermination of millions of Jews completely harmless to Germany. This is actually an additional and completely unnecessary front which further exhausts the country. On January 20, 1942, instead of focusing his entire energy and resources toward rescuing Paulus’ huge militia, surrounded in Stalingrad and frozen, Hitler organizes a special conference on the “final decision of the Jewish question” at the Wannsee Castle. It is chaired by Reinhard Heydrich, “the man with a heart of iron,” who utters the chilling words: “Europe will be searched for Jews from the east to the west!” In Wannsee the “speeding up of the final decision of the Jewish question” was outright dictated which euphemistically means: complete extermination of the Jews throughout the continent of Europe. The sacred goal is also indicated: all 11 million Jews (that’s their estimate) in Europe to be wiped out! The participants at this evil meeting, instructed by their Fuhrer, reach to the conclusion that putting Jews to death by firing squad is “too slow and dirty” and “has an oppressive impact on the soldiers,” therefore it should be sped up by Zyklon B which has already been successfully used on 500 unfortunate Soviet prisoners of war.

For this satanic purpose they feverishly build new concentration camps, in actuality extermination plants: in Belzec (daily capacity for putting to death of 15,000 souls), Sobibor (20,000), on top of the already existing concentration camps in Dachau, Treblinka, Majdanek (each with a daily capacity of 25,000) and the biggest and most evil of all – Auschwitz (Oswiecim) where approximately 2 million Jews and hostages are put to death.

The world remembers the extermination of the residents of the peaceful Czech village of Lidice – wiped out simply because around it the assault on Czechoslovakia’s commandant-tyrant Heydrich was done.
Hitler is also merciless toward the other peoples, even when they are allies. On March 23, 1944 in Rome, the Italian resistance organizes an attack on a movie theater attended mainly by German military. The bomb kills 33 officers and soldiers. On the next day, by Fuhrer’s order, Gestapo shoots 335 completely innocent Italian hostages.

Unlike any other world politician at the time Hitler knows how to create for himself unnecessary and unforgiving enemies – another proof of his unbalanced satanic character, wild psychosis, lack of an elementary feeling for tactics, diplomacy and self-preservation, some unbridled ambition toward universal destruction to the extent of self-destruction (it is not by chance that he ends his damned life by suicide). In all this, his illnesses have an undoubtedly determinative impact.

During this time Morell continues with the amphetamines, cocaine and strychnine. Hitler is already “a complete wreck eating pastry cakes” as one of his security guards later describes him.

From the full examination conducted on him in 1940 (because hypochondriac Hitler claims that he is gravely ill) which prove acute hypertension with hypertrophy (extension) of a cardiac chamber the cardiogram distinctly shows coronary sclerosis (angina). He develops cardiac decompensation, with hamstring edema and this time Morell correctly begins injecting strophanthin in him (in order to increase his myocardium’s contractility). The Wassermann test for syphilis is negative but that doesn’t mean that he has not had it because after many years the test turns normal.

Acutely ill and mentally ill and intellectually unstable hysteric: this description actually represented this world Beelzebub almost throughout the entire duration of World War II. His stupid and ruinous military decisions are countless. We don’t count his fraud toward the entire Europe with the Munich Agreement when he guarantees with his signature that after the Anschluss with Austria and after his crushing the Sudeten he will not invade a single other country in the continent. Only after several months he crushes Czechoslovakia and Benelux with his unstoppable iron army, and he also conquers almost the entire France. When he pushes 190,000 British and 140,000 French soldiers at Dunkirk, in front of the Channel, instead of surrounding them and forcing them to give up, despite the adamant insistence by his generals, with which he would win the war against the West, he orders his tanks, directed toward them, to stop. And all these 330,000 enemy fighters, instead of being neutralized, withdraw without any problem to the safety of the English coast (May 26, 1940). “What a miraculous deliverance,” Churchill will be thankful to the providence, while actually he should express passionate appreciation toward the illnesses and characteristic deviations belonging to the monstrous and unpredictable corporal of Berlin.

Hitler treats Admiral Karl Dönitz unprofessionally and offhandedly (as well as in the case with Guderian in front of Moscow) too. His submarines sink over 1,200 British ships by the end of 1940 – ships that transport food, fuel and munitions from the United States to the island, occupied and almost suffocated by the German blockade. Great Britain’s losses in this case are tallied at 2.5 million tons of ship cargo. A little more effort and tens of additional submarine support – and the Reich will finally be done with the island: completely blocked and isolated, left without raw materials and food, will capitulate on its own.

Instead of building about 50 new submarines, proven to be successful, with which he would assure himself a complete and crushing domination over Great Britain – and the Atlantics – Hitler orders the huge linear ship named Bismarck to be build and in a hurry he launches it on open waters on May 19, 1941. His first clash with the enemy is successful: the powerful board weapons sink the British ship named Hood. However, the huge steel threat represents a convenient and easy target. Just after three days Bismarck, the pride of the German military fleet, is sunk together with 1,400 helpless and doomed seamen on board. It is right then that the stubborn-headed Hitler realizes his fatal mistake and probably strongly regrets having not listened to the experienced sea wolf Dönitz, but it is irreparably late. That’s what happens when a corporal-infantryman begins to imagine that the fool clad in power suddenly begins to realize that he knows about everything, even about marine affairs.

He foolishly throws his energy toward another technological adventure that is preliminarily doomed to failure: he orders the construction of the 1,300-ton weapon named Gustav, though he knows very well that for its transportation a special railway needs to be built. Gustav is planned for the surrounded city of Leningrad but they do not manage to transport it to there. They somehow manage to send it to Sevastopol against which they launch 26 projectiles – and that’s it. What a waste of colossal efforts – tens of thousands of Deutsche marks and thousands of tons of metal – just for some 20-ish projectiles. With what kind of mind did the Fuhrer order the construction of that truly super powerful but practically pointless weapon?

At the Nazi army’s entry in western Ukraine the Catholic population massively and candidly receives the Germans with flowers and dances, like they would receive liberators and saviors: nobody forgot about the fearful Holodomor orchestrated by Stalin which caused the death of seven million Ukrainians. The leader of the fanatic nationalist-cutthroats Stepan Bandera erects the sycophantic slogan “Heil Hitler! Heil Bandera!” and quickly organizes a huge Ukrainian rebel army. In 1942 it performs the terrifying genocide-massacre in Volhinya by ruthlessly exterminating 100,000 Poles, Jews, Russians, even “impure” Ukrainians (originating from mixed marriages or coexisting with non-Ukrainians) regardless of their age. What better proof for fascist racism? However, frantic Hitler gives a strange order to his “blue-eyed” knights that is inadequate for a military environment: not to accept the local people’s help, to treat them with contempt and lack of trust, to treat them like enemies. The Slavs, he instills into them, are nits and are destined to be fertilizer to God’s-chosen Aryan race. Therefore – no cooperation with this inferior race, honky scum and riffraff! That’s his general plan Östlich (East) for the destiny of the enslaved Slavic people, which is accepted in May 1941. It represents not just crime against Slavdom and humanity as a whole but is also a huge tactical mistake which only a mentally ill or at least an unstable statesman can allow. To irreversibly repel free help from a willing friend and ally of yours, especially at a time of extra tension over your people, who you got involved in an overwhelming adventure of life and death.

Right from the first occupational winter the Germans deport 1.5 million people, mostly Ukrainians, to work for the Reich, as well as 500,000 girls to work as servants. Hitler signs a merciless order: for each German soldier, killed by the then weak opposition, two local hostages should be killed. Whoever shelters an unregistered compatriot of themselves – should be hanged.

People massively hit the forests and swamps. The Fuhrer forgot Napoleon’s lesson who was stuck in the countless frozen Russian steppes during his panicking escape back to France: most of his grenadiers die not in fights against Kutuzov’s soldiers but by freezing as well as by being killed by the partisan patriots.

Thus Hitler singlehandedly creates a new enemy front of 90,000 Russian, Belarussian and Ukrainian partisans who kill his soldiers in an ambush and destroy hundreds of bridges and German trains.

What is it that this bouquet of illnesses in a combination with his inborn psycholathy, manic egotism and disastrous feeling of infallibility do not do to the Fuhrer…

Hitler’s right hand – Hermann Göring (1893 – 1946) is an experienced ace. During World War I his aircraft is taken down and he barely survives with numerous traumas. He is shot in the pelvic area and since then it is believed that he is impotent. Sometimes he appears clad in female clothes at small gatherings (also known as cross-dressing)… Because of his intense pains at the Military Hospital, they give him morphine more than once, to which, per logic, he becomes addicted. Even nowadays people remember his arrogant statements which are doubtlessly typical of an arrogant narcissist who imagines that he is omnipotent, unpunishable and equal with God: “Who is Jew is decided by myself!,” “First shoot, then interrogate, and if you are wrong I will cover you”, “I have no conscience. My conscience is named Adolph Hitler.”

Thus the two complexed fantasists, drug addicts and narcissists, deprived of realistic estimate of their reckless policies and the war that is led by them in a suicidal manner. One of them, in addition to that, is a sado-masochist, and coprofagia, while the other is a transvestite and a latent homosexual bring Germany its unseen defeat at the price of the death of 15 percent of its population and overall ruin.

It is interesting that the obviously impotent and perverted Hitler shows… concerns about his soldiers’ sexual wellbeing. This is actually what Himler does – shocked by the high rate of gonorrhea and syphilis among the German soldiers having occupied Paris. Without any doubt – not without Hitler’s blessing, Himler orders the engineers to construct a synthetic sex doll called Borghild (of course distinguished by her “racial purity”: blonde hair, blue eyes and with big breasts) for the purpose of satisfying the army’s sexual hunger. But the defeat close to Moscow stops its serial production.

Actually Himler is the tireless and entrepreneurial organizer of Hitler’s evil and genocidal policies. In their countless concentration camps a total of 6 million Jews, Slavs, prisoners of war, political foes, gypsies and homosexuals are exterminated. This modest former agronomist, the owner of a poultry farm, producer of fertilizer and a brush merchant, raised by the obscure will of the Fuhrer to the highest ranks of the Reich – minister of the interior and chief of the secret police dealing with the lives and destinies of millions of innocent people, also sets up the terrifying special “Einsatzguppen” in the occupied zones. They follow the advancing German army in the USSR and by the end of 1941 singlehandedly shoot dead 500,000 Russian and Ukrainian Jews in the occupied territories. The tip of the horror is the evil Babi Yar ravine just outside Kiev where in two days (29-30 September 1941) 33,000 Ukrainian Jews get a bullet on the back of their heads by the German soldiers and the Bandera bandits. In the following days 90,000 corpses of prisoners of war and partisans end up in the indiscriminate mass graves (this time people are exterminated “more rationally” – by machine guns). Of 3 million unfortunate Jews in the occupied Soviet territories fallen under the hands of the Nazis, 2.825 million find their death, that is, 94% of the Jewish population there.

Fuhrer’s pathetic ally – Benito Mussolini (1883 – 1945) who suffers from syphilis – cannot even be considered his ally because he is always a burden to him. Benito Mussolini was a passionate Marxist-leninist at a young age but after that is recognized as the creator of fascism. Like the Soviet satraps and Napoleon, Il Duce is short and bearing the inevitable little man’s complex – an incredible megalomania and narcissism with a well-defined hyperthymia (an elevated mood, an unchecked high self-esteem and self-satisfaction, and convinced in his infallibility). He declares himself Caesar’s successor and he calls Caesar “the greatest son of humanity who unites in himself the will of a warrior and the genius of a wise man”. He also says something else about himself that is not very modest: “I will make a hors d’oeuvre out of my life”. He also suffers from an acute and sometimes bleeding stomach ulcer. He catches syphilis from his landlady in Tolmezzo (Udine) in 1907.

Maybe as a result of that the Italian joke commits one after another imprudent, unnecessary and outright stupid invasions (in Abyssinia, Albania and Greece) after the failures from which he has to be saved by Germany. Without any purpose for Italy, he sends and loses tens of thousands of soldiers in Stalingrad too where, unwilling to fight for someone else’s interests, they massively turn themselves in to the Red Army. The real rights on the battleground are unlike Il Duce’s pompous speeches or his rabbit-like cabinet sex.

Il Duce is an irresistible and promiscuous. He literally raids every woman who comes into his office. Sometimes he even tears her clothes. He doesn’t take his clothes off, not even his shoes, and he penetrates her on his desk or on his carpet in a rough and animal-like manner while he also yells, swears, groans, shouts and… comes in her almost immediately. He likes unbathed women and enjoys sniffing their smell as well as their big breasts…

His wife Rachele, who is ten years younger than him, bears him five healthy children, but one of his numerous mistresses (hairstylist Ida Dalser) bears him one unhealthy child (maybe inherited syphilis?) and is later taken to a madhouse. His most notorious mistress is Clara Petacci who is shot and hanged with her head down by Italian partisans together with him.


World War II is waged by four seriously ill leaders who suffer from advanced atherosclerosis and uncontrollable or badly treated hypertension which often renders them inadequate due to the inevitably numerous unnoticeable, and as a result massive, clinically defined strokes. Two of them (Hitler and Roosevelt) are also cocaine addicts. The Fuhrer also has Parkinson’s disease and, maybe, syphilis. He is assisted by Göring who is morphine addict and a transvestite, and, though unsuccessfully, by another person who suffers from syphilis – Mussolini. Churchill on the other hand is an irreparable alcoholic. Stalin, the successor of another legendary person who suffers from syphilis with an acute form of atherosclerosis – Lenin – has paranoia.

All these illnesses collectively (in the case of Hitler – accompanied by impotence and the most repelling sexual perversions – sado-masochism and coprophagia) deform, without any doubt, their psyches and characters and inevitably have a negative impact on their decision making and actions as statesmen – with ruinous consequences over entire peoples, and terrifyingly and unnecessarily many victims – tens of millions of innocent people, including children – who could have been spared from having been purposelessly exterminated in a cruel way.

Let us remind ourselves of Czech patriot Julius Fucik’s message: “People, beware”. Therefore: may we be governed only by healthy people with balanced and resilient psyche! Without any doubt, this is what Bulgarians want too.

But how can we find out what our statesmen have if they do not announce their illnesses, sexual practices and family status to us before elections – like their colleagues in western Europe and the United States do? The latter inspire them, don’t they?…

Doctor Totko Naydenov
Editor of “Bulgarian Physician”, specialist in social medicine and author of the book “Statesmen’s illnesses and sexual lives”

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