Translation: Leading specialists discuss innovations in gastroenterology close to Varna, Bulgaria

The following is a translation of an article written on my father’s monthly newspaper called Bulgarian Physician. The article was published on its 11th issue for 2015 and was translated into English on my own initiative.

Gastroforum Varna 2015 Innovations took place from November 5 until November 7 in Sunny Day resort close to Varna. Organizers were Medical University – Varna (MU – Varna), University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment “Saint Marina” – Varna, BANI and Hepatogastroenterology Clinic. Over 130 lectors from Varna and the rest of the country participated.

This year’s issue of the scientific event, which takes place under the auspices of MU – Varna Rector Professor Dr. Krasimir Ivanov and Saint Marina’s Executive Director Janeta Georgieva, was dedicated to the innovations and problems in diagnostics, clinical approach and therapy in the diseases of the esophagus, stomach, intestines, liver, biliary system and pancreas.

“A big portion of the topics was dedicated to oncology. It is claimed that by 2020 every second sick person in Europe will be suffering from cancer. Esophageal, stomach, colon and pancreatic cancer will be reviewed” is what Dr. Iskren Kotzev from the gastroenterological clinic at Saint Marina shared at Gastroforum Varna 2015 Innovations’ press conference.

Over the last several years in Bulgaria there is a worrisome trend toward a durable increase in rectal and colon carcinoma. That’s why during the forum prophylaxis and prevention of the cancer diseases as well as education of the population were discussed.

According to the gastroenterologists, the government’s campaign toward moderation of junk food is useful because it will give more information to the people with regards to healthy foods and lifestyle, while the effect of this will be reflected on the next generations.

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