Book Review: God is the Gospel

Most people do not know how to pray. This book is an eye-opener about the main idea behind Christianity as a religion, the concept of god that Christianity preaches and what our place is both in society and in our relationship to god. Though I do not agree with this kind of thinking, John Piper did a great job making his point about the lord and how Christians are supposed to view him.

The only real problem that I had with the book is that it is way too repetitive. Here’s how I can make it brief for you: God is the gospel (no pun intended), the gospel is the good news about the arrival of god in the form of a human body – Jesus Christ – to save us from ourselves even though we do not deserve it, we should always revere god and be thankful to god, when we die it means that god wants us closer to him now, our goal throughout our lives is always to revere god and eventually to view and savor god, everything that happens in our lives happens because god decided that it is the best for us, god is never wrong, if you do not believe in god you will not be saved and god does not like you. There was also an excerpt – somewhere between page 100 and 110 – where John Piper made the case about why Christians are true believers in god and Mahometans (Muslims) are not, which is an interesting part of the book. I highly recommend it to everybody regardless of how religious they are. To those who are not religious at all – I recommend it to you so that you understand why some people are religious, including why some are more religious while others are less religious. To those who are religious – I recommend it so that you understand how truthful your religion is.

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