About me

Dimitar Naydenov

My name is Dimitar Naydenov. I was born on November 14, 1987 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In Spring 2011 I graduated from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree in political science and two minors: in economics and in legal studies.  From Fall 2011 to Spring 2013 I attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in outskirts of Baltimore, MD, and graduated with a master’s degree in public policy focusing on health care policy. Since October 11, 2011, I have been Research Assistant at the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Primary Care Office working with plenty of data and conducting research aimed at improving access to health care for the Maryland population, among other activities. At the end of August, I also became Consultant for one of my professors helping her on a variety of academic projects per her request.

I came to the United States of America in 2007 to study and develop myself, both as an individual and as a participant in groups. I considered – and still consider – it an exciting and wonderful opportunity in my life, for which I thank everybody who supports me in any way: my siblings and my parents.

Before I came to the U. S., I have never lived anywhere else besides Bulgaria, which is the country where a lot of my friends and relatives are. I graduated from First English Language [High] School in Sofia, which is one of the most prestigious high schools in Bulgaria, and I also have a fitness instructor certification from the Bulgarian National Sports Academy Vassil Levski as a result of which I applied and was hired as a fitness instructor at the Shipka Hotel before I came to the U.S. It was a 8.5-month experience.

I speak four languages – Bulgarian, English, French and Spanish. I try to practice them as often as I can. Bulgarian is my native language, and I studied the other three in Bulgaria.

I know that I am not all-knowing, all-powerful and all-good, and I know I never will be. However, it is always worth trying to be as close to that as possible. Looking for perfection in everything should always be the key so now you know why I chose this name to my blog – Evolution is the key! That’s the way the world community develops itself and thus becomes a better place to live. Regardless of trying though, I think that we should also be satisfied with what we currently have, which satisfaction will supply us with the energy and confidence that we need in our way to success.

Have a nice time reading my blog!

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