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Predictably Irrational

The rational choice theory in economics assumes that consumers are rational. However, as in most cases of social science, such assumption is quite limited, thereby leading to plenty of economists’ questioning it and measuring its plausibility. Such economists are also referred to as behavioral economist. Dan Ariely, the author of the book Predictably Irrational, has dedicated his research to people’s behaviors in regards to situations involving money and social values namely by questioning that rational choice theory’s assumption. Continue reading

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The Truth About the North Korean Regime in a Nutshell


As you probably have noticed, I have been following the North Korean regime for quite a while. When Kim Jong-il died last year, and was to be replaced by his son – Kim Jong-un – I couldn’t help but notice the mainstream media’s reaction, as well as that of a lot of people. Namely, that they hope that the transition was for good, that Kim Jong-un is the new Deng Xiaoping, or in other words that North Korea will open up and become capitalist and free (or at least more capitalist and freer). This reaction is typical of the ignorance on the North Korean regime. A recent news article on the Huffington Post proves my point. Read defectors’ reactions, particularly:

None of the defectors Reuters spoke to believed the leadership would dare allow reforms that damage its grip. Some thought the Pyongyang elite had been scared by the disastrous 2009 experiment [the currency reform that was reportedly disastrous to the country’s “economy”].

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Focus on What You Want: How to Use Provocations to Your Advantage

I am currently reading a book that I will share my thoughts about in a future article. It is a book about success in life. This is the second book on this topic that I have ever read, and it contains concepts some of which I have – for some reason – mastered and successfuly applied myself in my life. One of them involves sensitivity issues. In this article, I am presenting a concept that I have been following for more than 5 years. With this presentation I am not aimed at changing anyone’s way of thinking about the world around them. Continue reading


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Youtuber pp000610 (Former Soviet Citizen Vladimir Jaffe): A Fraud or Someone Who Looks for the Truth? You Decide

In a previous article, I expressed my disapproval of the Occypy Wall Street (OWS) movement. The organization – like the Tea Party – has no leader. However, unlike the Tea Party, it is full of people who have no clue what change they want and how they want to attain it. On the one hand, there are Ron Paul supporters who are tired of crony capitalism – the close relationship between business people and the government in effort for the latter to enact legislation that is favorable to them without any regard to its impact on the people. On the other hand, there are socialists and communists who demand that the government tax the rich, take over areas such as health care in the form of a single-payer system, and demand that the rich pay college students’ loans, among other things. Continue reading


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Marissa Mayer’s Next Project? My prediction.

As I reported in my previous article, longtime Google executive and Marissa Mayer was appointed by Yahoo as its new President and CEO. I also noted that she was involved in tens of Google projects – among them GMail, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Images, Google Books, Local Search, Street View, and even today’s design of Google. This is legacy of an entrepreneur who would keep earning her own success. Continue reading

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One Successful Woman: Marissa Mayer

On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, longtime Google executive Marissa Mayer was appointed as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo. Specializing in search and artificial intelligence, she apparently mastered the subject matter to such an extent that she would later become Google’s first female engineer – in 1999. Continue reading

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Law Abiding Citizen

I am usually not a huge fan of movies. Most of them seem too predictable to me – be they comedy, action, drama, and so on. Continue reading

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