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Are Hurricanes and Tropical Storms Caused by Climate Change: The case of the Atlantic Region

The debate about global cooling, global warming, or climate change is decades-old, and it doesn’t suggest to ever disappear from political, scientific or sociological discussions. Generally speaking there is a consensus that climate changes over time. The debate is mainly focused on whether human activity contributes to it, and if yes, by how much. This article is aimed at looking at the debate narrowly – particularly whether hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic region are caused by climate change. Continue reading

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Book Review: Blow-Drying the Frog & Other Parenting Adventures

Parenting is difficult no matter whether your child is problematic or perfect in every way that you can imagine. Every time something wrong or unplanned might occur which may throw you off of a schedule that is already much messier than before, not to mention if you have more than one child in your family. Continue reading

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