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Are Hurricanes and Tropical Storms Caused by Climate Change: The case of the Atlantic Region

The debate about global cooling, global warming, or climate change is decades-old, and it doesn’t suggest to ever disappear from political, scientific or sociological discussions. Generally speaking there is a consensus that climate changes over time. The debate is mainly focused on whether human activity contributes to it, and if yes, by how much. This article is aimed at looking at the debate narrowly – particularly whether hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic region are caused by climate change. Continue reading

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How to Make a Difference Between Type I and Type II Errors

Type I and Type II errors are commonly encountered in statistics. However, they are also often confused especially by beginner and some intermediate statisticians, the latter most often due to having not been exposed to them in their work for a certain period of time. Continue reading

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Challenge: Statistics

At every university social science majors are being told by their professors to “know your stats,” to “know your numbers,” to “have data in their analyses.

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