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Africa just likeĀ USA

Will the African Union become the United States of Africa similar to the United States of America and the European Union? Globalization has made it somewhat fashionable to establish political mergers, and the African leaders’ plan seems like a bright idea at first sight. So much for the good news though.

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Torture, Inflation and Tension in Zimbabwe

In 1980 the existence of Southern Rhodesia, a British colony, was terminated and an independent country was formed. Its name was, and still is, Zimbabwe. Twenty-eight years before nowadays, a national hero contributed significantly to the country’s independence and became its first president. This national hero, Robert Mugabe, is still alive which is nothing out of ordinary. What is out of ordinary is, he is still president of the country. In other words, he has been the first and the only president of Zimbabwe so far.

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South African Unrest the Result of the Overall Tension in the Region

Africa – a continent where many wars have taken place and where many wars still take place like the one in Sudan. I have never been to Africa but every time I read something about this particular continent, it is either connected with lack of democracy, or with poverty and meager chances for a positive change. A good support of my statement is that all of the ten poorest countries in the world are located in Africa and also that most of the countries in the list of HIPC, that is, Heavily Indebted Poor Countries, are African.

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