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The Road to Freedom: How to Win the Fight for Free Enterprise

American Enterprise Institute President Arthur C. Brooks published another book on free enterprise two years after he published The Battle. A pro-capitalist individual, I was very eager to get exposed to his arguments as to why a free enterprise system is better than what he refers to as a statist, social democratic or any system where there is more government than an entrepreneur would deem necessary. His most compelling argument – that free enterprise is moral. Continue reading

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The Battle


The American dream is not about just living in the United States. It is about political, social and economic freedom where the government is not the one to stay on one’s right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. On the contrary, the idea of the American dream is that there should be policies to protect the citizens from government’s imposing on their lives and instead promote creativity and entrepreneurship (the more neutral- and pleasant-sounding word for capitalism, for capitalism is perceived differently from different people). That’s how the Americans attract foreign investments and foreigners – through guaranteeing them freedom, honesty and integrity. The rest of the world – due to numerous factors and depending on the region we are talking about – hasn’t achieved that yet. Continue reading

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