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Youtuber pp000610 (Former Soviet Citizen Vladimir Jaffe): A Fraud or Someone Who Looks for the Truth? You Decide

In a previous article, I expressed my disapproval of the Occypy Wall Street (OWS) movement. The organization – like the Tea Party – has no leader. However, unlike the Tea Party, it is full of people who have no clue what change they want and how they want to attain it. On the one hand, there are Ron Paul supporters who are tired of crony capitalism – the close relationship between business people and the government in effort for the latter to enact legislation that is favorable to them without any regard to its impact on the people. On the other hand, there are socialists and communists who demand that the government tax the rich, take over areas such as health care in the form of a single-payer system, and demand that the rich pay college students’ loans, among other things. Continue reading


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Transition economies: The case of Bulgaria

Abstract: Nowadays Bulgaria is known as a former communist country that went through a transition period to a free-market economy. On November 10, 1989, a day after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party made the decision to strip Todor Zhivkov of his power. Bulgaria and the German Democratic Republic were not the only then communist countries whose governments collapsed in November 1989. Other Eastern Bloc countries went through the same in that month and the months after. What is the transition period? Does it vary on a case-by-case basis? If yes, which kind of transition is the best, if any? How are transition countries compared? What happened in Bulgaria during its transition period from a socialist economy to a free-market economy? How did the Bulgarian economy transition compared to some of the other transition economies?

This paper aims at answering these and similar questions. Part one explains the two different approaches on transition – shock therapy and gradualism – including how successful they were in several countries – Russia, China and Poland, picked on a random basis as positive or negative examples of one of the two approaches. Part two discusses the case of Bulgaria compared to other transition economies. Part three draws a conclusion on the case of Bulgaria from the conducted research. Continue reading

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The economy and us in a nutshell

How does the economy work and what do we do about it? Now that it is struggling, more people are getting interested in its mechanisms. It is a complex system to which different tools can be applied which can help, hurt or have no impact over it. Depending on the tools being applied to a specific economy (local, regional, state, even world), nowadays it is divided into two types – free market economy and planning economy. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages but the former has already been proven to be better than the latter. Continue reading


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Hungarian Prime Minister to resign? Finally!!!

Today Hungarian Prime Minster Ferenc Gyurcsany proposed to resign. Hardly will there be anyone following the situation in Hungary who finds this news a bad one. For the last five years, that is, the period of his leadership of the country, all he’s had was bad impact – ridiculous and tragicomic speeches, confession of having lied to win the elections, imposing very high taxes which drove businesses out of the country, and probably other flawed decisions made. As far as I remember, his scandalous confession led his party to sustain a significant loss in the then upcoming local elections – not a single big city won and the opposition right party of Fidesz having taken an almost entire control of the country’s local governments.

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