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Nebraska Legislature – the only unicameral state legislature

As a country, from political aspect, the United States of America is a federation. It has a federal government in Washington, D.C. and state governments in every single state that is part of its territory. Unlike in a unitary system, where the central government has an entire or almost entire control over local governments in terms of internal affairs, in the United States the 50 different states have certain autonomy and sovereignty in decision-making given to them by the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution where it is said that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”1 Therefore, every state government has more flexibility in decision-making than do local governments in countries with unitary system such as Great Britain, France and others. Continue reading


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The Next 100 Years

American political scientist George Friedman made a forecast in this book that is contrary to what most of us would make judging by what is happening nowadays only. The 21st century, according to him, will be abundant in technological improvements of any kind, demographic crises, and also wars similar to what we have seen in The Fifth Element, Star Wars, and other books and movies picturing the future. Continue reading


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The Battle


The American dream is not about just living in the United States. It is about political, social and economic freedom where the government is not the one to stay on one’s right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. On the contrary, the idea of the American dream is that there should be policies to protect the citizens from government’s imposing on their lives and instead promote creativity and entrepreneurship (the more neutral- and pleasant-sounding word for capitalism, for capitalism is perceived differently from different people). That’s how the Americans attract foreign investments and foreigners – through guaranteeing them freedom, honesty and integrity. The rest of the world – due to numerous factors and depending on the region we are talking about – hasn’t achieved that yet. Continue reading

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Alvin Greene for U.S. Senate

Interesting news in American politics today – jobless veteran Alvin Greene, a candidate for the U.S. Senate won the Democratic nomination in South Carolina, a Republican stronghold, by merely paying the fee of $10,400 from his own pocket to just enter the race. He actually never even met with his main opponent for the Democratic nomination, longtime state politician Vic Rawl, who claimed he never met Mr. Greene. Continue reading


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Former Congressman Eric Massa – will the truth shock you?

Last night, I was watching FOX which I generally don’t like. I prefer MSNBC but its bias often drives me crazy as well but that’s another story. Former Congressman Eric Massa (D – 29th District) who was freshman, had a lot to say on “The Glenn Beck Program.”  Continue reading


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D.C. City Council and Mayor for gay marriage

On December 15, the City Council of Washington D.C. approved a bill that, if enacted into law will legalize same-sex marriage in the district by a 11-2 margin. Yesterday, the Mayor signed the bill, and will be reviewed by Congress for a 30-day period but as noted by CNN and other mainstream media, the status quo in Congress makes it unlikely for it to block its path to becoming a law. Continue reading

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Caution, caution, caution! Democratic Party, Republican Party and bad contributors!

A disturbing news for the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party to a certain extent, has appeared on Yahoo! Finance. Raj Rajaratnam, a Wall Street billionaire, originally from Sri Lanka and with dual citizenship, whose net worth is valued at $1.3 billion, was arrested, together with six hedge funds managers for allegedly conducting insider trading schemes which generated illegal profits of $25 billion. Continue reading

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