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Why is politician a dirty word in the United States (from a Connecticut perspective)

Politics is generally perceived as governmental affairs. We call our elected officials in a legislative, executive, and in some cases even judicial offices politicians since they entered politics after their wins in democratic elections. These elections make politicians accountable for their political decision making to their constituents who would vote them out of office in case of dissatisfaction with a particular decision or overall. So far so good!

With a political system of checks and balances as the American one is, a governmental tyranny is at best highly unlikely. If it is so, then why is politician a dirty word in the United States? Why are politicians looked down on by the people and are being called crooks, corrupt and the like? Continue reading


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Thoughts on the Connecticut Democratic Convention

Last week, I reported for Canaiden Media the Democratic State Convention at the Expo Center in Hartford, Connecticut. It was my first experience as a reporter at a specific political event and was looking forward to the two days – Friday and Saturday – when the state Convention was to take place. Continue reading

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Susan Bysiewicz out of the race for Connecticut Attorney General

As I said before, I am covering Connecticut politics for ConnecticutPlus.com. Yesterday, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled on unanimous decision that Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz does not meet the minimum statutory requirement (Conn. Gen. Stat. § 3-124) of at least ten years of active practice of the law to run for state Attorney General. Here’s a summary of how everything happened: Continue reading

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Pi Sigma Alpha, here I am

At an initiation ceremony at Quinnipiac University on Wednesday, students majoring and minoring in Political Science – having achieved academic excellence in the sphere – were accepted to Pi Sigma Alpha, the only nationwide Political Science Honor Society. Guest speaker was Professor Tamar Hermann of Open University in Israel who presented an opinion poll summary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Israel, and commented on its significance to the Israeli politics. Continue reading

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CT Politics blog at connecticutplus.com

For the last couple of months I have been doing a weekly roundup of what is happening with the political life in Connecticut at state level. Continue reading

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