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Barack Obama Won the Debate Overall

Last night, Senator McCain and Senator Obama appeared on a debate in Oxford, Mississippi. It was the first of the three debates between the two presidential hopefuls. Foreign policy was the main topic in this debate although there was no way the two candidates would not talk about the voters’ main concern, the economy and the financial crisis.

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The Customer is Always Right! Really?!

One of the most frequently used phrases that I hear when it comes to trade is “the customer is always right”. Sounds pretty fair but is it always applied?! Do we as customers get what we pay for? Do we get the service that we request? Continue reading


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Gas Prices or the Prices That Control Prices

Gas prices have always been an issue since the beginning of the use of gas-operating devices. They have always been not just a political issue but also an economic, a financial and one that concerns the security of a country, that is, the most important issue for its existence. Continue reading

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