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Election results in Great Britain analyzed

On May 6, there were parliamentary elections for the British Parliament’s House of Commons, which sits 650 members also known as MPs (Members of the Parliament). According to latest results, the Tories – the Conservative Party – won most of the constituencies contested: 306, or 20 shy of a simple majority needed to form a government. Their victory was relatively expected, especially after the Labour Party’s major losses in both the local elections and the European elections last year. This victory, while another slap to the Labour Party – which lost 91 seats and is now expected to hold 258 – brings the challenge to David Cameron and his party. The Conservative leadership is now looking for a coalition partner in order to form a new government. The country’s political future for at least the next year or two is technically in the hands of one party: the Liberal Democrats led by Nick Clegg. According to the latest election results, they have won 57 constituencies. Continue reading

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