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Enough with utopia, back to reality (WMDs)








James R. Schlesinger, a man with a lot of experience in U.S. and global politics, is trying to open our eyes about the reality of the nuclear weapons and their use.

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Pat Buchanan supports Barack Obama??? So do I.

Pat Buchanan surprised me with his Townhall column entry where he expressed support for President Obama’s stance on what is happening in Iran. I didn’t expect that, as on a Hardball issue several weeks ago he supported former Vice-President Richard Cheney on his speech against the same person he is now defending.

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Presidential elections in Iran – to worry or not to worry

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has won the election, according to the poll results so far. In fact, the Iranian electoral commission has already announced that he has won by about 63% of the vote, thus avoiding runoff elections. Is this a disturbing message to the future of the country and its democracy? What about the world? Continue reading


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