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Iran exposed again

After so many busts so far, we have witnessed a new embarrassment to Iran’s image at the international scene. Unlike in previous cases when the Islamic leadership made up excuses, most of which were twice as lame as they could be legitimate (the laptop possession denial, the timely confession about the underground facility), this time it hasn’t made a minimum effort to conceal the essence behind another unsuccessful operation. Continue reading


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The Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran

The Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran is a must read for those of you who want to get more insider’s information about the Islamic regime in Iran. I thank Dima Grozeva for giving it to me to read it for the summer. It was written not a long time ago (2007) which goes to show once again that in order to analyze current political, social, even economic, situations – it is very much recommended to know the past. Continue reading


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Presidential elections in Iran – to worry or not to worry

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has won the election, according to the poll results so far. In fact, the Iranian electoral commission has already announced that he has won by about 63% of the vote, thus avoiding runoff elections. Is this a disturbing message to the future of the country and its democracy? What about the world? Continue reading


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