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New York State government dysfunctional?

What’s happening in New York State politics? People of every background in and out of the Empire State who follow U.S. politics have been asking themselves this question for the last two years. It looks as if this is the most corrupt state in the country. Politicians are generally not revered anywhere in the world but how does it happen that most of the name recognized U.S. politicians caught in a big scandal for the last two years have been namely from New York? The list of New York politicians caught in a scandal has become quite long: former state Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R), former Governor Elliott Spitzer (D), Governor David Paterson (D), U.S. Representative Charles Rangel (D – 15th District), U.S. Representative Eric Massa (D  – 29th District), and last but not least, every single state Senator (remember the gridlock last summer). Part of the answer is that state regulations were too loose. Continue reading

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AIG bonuses story partially explained

A lot of things have been said about the AIG bonuses worth $165 million to high-ranked employees. Here’s an interesting analysis by Alain Delaqueriere from the New York Times. There is no additional information about Mr. Delaqueriere besides his job, and I am not one who reads articles that are written by specific persons, so I am not going to talk about him at all.

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