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John Payton: Test was discriminatory

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The economy is getting better

First good news have come after a long time of disappointments. Bank of America, Citigroup and Chase have been profitable since the beginning of the year, and their stocks have risen by 86%, 62% and 45.6% respectively over the last four days. It looks as if Ben Bernanke was right when he said that the economic recession might end this year. Continue reading

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Back to the Presidential Elections: On the Issues

Both Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s presidential campaigns are relatively in a standsill. Some people are rather disappointed of that because they feel that the only time when the two biggest presidential hopefuls come out and speak is when it is actually time to vote. However, I cannot fully agree with such thinking. What can John McCain and Barack Obama do right now? Both parties’ national concentions haven’t passed yet so it is too early to flex their political muscles as intensely as they are about to in a month or so. Now the only thing that they have to do is remind from time to time of their political and social record and of their stands on the issues. In my opinion, they are currently saving their energy for after their parties’ national conventions, so you can definitely expect debates and countrywide tours similar to the ones that took place during the primaries.  Continue reading

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