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Is the Independence Referendum in Catalonia Unconstitutional

The autonomous community of Catalonia – one of the 17 autonomous communities that form the country of Spain – voted on October 1, 2017 in a referendum for independence from Spain. Voting day was marred by violent clashes between Catalan voters on one side, and Spanish police and the Guardia Civil on the other side. It was also marred by the seizure of some ballot boxes by the Spanish authorities. One of the main reasons for these clashes was that the Constitutional Court of Spain had already suspended the referendum (on September 8) on constitutional grounds. Was the Catalan referendum – whose results state that 92.01% of participating voters backed independence in a 43.03% voting turnout (not accounting for the missing ballot boxes) – unconstitutional? This article will look at just this question without discussing any political, economic or social implications. Continue reading

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Public sector, private sector and their interdependence

The current economic and financial crisis, which has lasted for more than two years so far, urged both experts and non-experts to reconsider their views about the size of their government, its involvement in their lives and also their spending habits and plans for their future. Unemployment rates have hit the two digits, while most of us – regardless of whether we are employed, underemployed, unemployed, laid off, or looking for a job – have lost money in one form or another. Some of us have lost money because of what is going on with the financial markets, others got themselves into schemes and so on. These issues returned politicians back to the stage. Continue reading

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