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New report, same old story

FOX News is among the entire mainstream media that came up with a news report on Mr. Abdulmutallab. Click here, if you want to read it. What does this say to the ordinary U.S. taxpayers and people from all over the world who hardly expected such a blunder? Continue reading


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The system is really not working, Madam Secretary

Umar Abdulmutallab, son of a well known Nigerian banker, tried to wreck Christmas to the Christian world, Hanukkah to the Jewish world and last but not least New Year’s Eve to the entire world by attempting to blast more than 300 people on a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit. Thanks to the passengers on that flight some of whom pay federal taxes so that the government takes care of their national security – no harm is done to anything but the governmental bureaucracy’s reputation, one that is rarely popular anywhere in the world. Continue reading

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Pakistan balkanized

Pakistan has often been mentioned in the news but since last month the media’s attention on the country has significantly increased.  For that period of time, there has rarely been a day when the media have not brought us important news about Pakistan, but in the meantime they can’t be unimportant – especially since the Taliban have taken control of the Swat Valley and other regions there, as you can see on the map.

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