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Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

On May 1 Osama Bin Laden was killed by the Navy SEALS in operation Geronimo. President Barack Obama announced the death of terrorist number one but there was no compelling evidence that he was really killed. We came across a video of the interior of his compound featuring blood next to a bed, messy furniture, and some medications in a liquid form, yet we didn’t see any images of his dead body. According to reports from the federal government, cited by the media, the 25 commandos – the 25 brave men who completed the operation – took custody of Osama Bin Laden’s dead body, identified it as Osama Bin Laden, and later buried it in the sea. No photos or clips were taken during the ceremonial burial either which prompted a lot of conspiracy theorists to claim that the federal government was lying about Osama Bin Laden’s death. Do these theories have any merits? Continue reading

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The Doctrine of Nullification, President Andrew Jackson and the establishment of a national identity

The doctrine of nullification allows a state to invalidate, that is, to void, for its own territory any federal law deemed unconstitutional by that state. Supporters of the doctrine generally view it as a major political tool against tyranny by the central government over the state governments and the people, while to its opponents it is threatening to the stability of the country. Continue reading


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WikiLeaks: Advanced democracy or population tyranny over the government

WikiLeaks is already well-known, especially for its ability to get access mainly to information from no other than the U.S. government, and publish it. This has created controversy amongst both experts and non-experts – disputes about whether Julian Assange’s website takes democracy to the next level uncovering shocking secrets about the U.S. government such as the State Department’s turning U.S. diplomats into spies or the deployment of U.S. special forces in Pakistan, or whether it publishes intelligence that is supposed to remain secretive. Continue reading

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An American living in North Korea??? That’s right. (Part 2)

Daniel Gordon’s Crossing the Line, a movie on James Dresnok’s life in North Korea, for one reason or another, is not allowed to stay on Youtube for a long time. Shortly after I first talked about it, the movie was removed from Youtube but today I randomly saw it again browsing on one of the most innovative websites ever. Continue reading

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Energy issue explained

Gregory D. Miller is an assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Oklahoma. He apparently specialized in international politics dedicating his Political Science career to researching terrorism and national security in general. Continue reading

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How non-partisan is the Congressional Budget Office?

We all read, watch and listen to the news quoting the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) when it comes to the U.S. budget. Oftentimes we detect through our eyes or ears the word “non-partisan” before the name of the institution – a guarantee for transparency and equity both to reporters and other people in what’s going on with the federal government spending. How trustworthy are the team of economic and public policy analysts that comprise the CBO though? Is it a myth that it is non-partisan? Who appoints these experts? Continue reading

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Public sector, private sector and their interdependence

The current economic and financial crisis, which has lasted for more than two years so far, urged both experts and non-experts to reconsider their views about the size of their government, its involvement in their lives and also their spending habits and plans for their future. Unemployment rates have hit the two digits, while most of us – regardless of whether we are employed, underemployed, unemployed, laid off, or looking for a job – have lost money in one form or another. Some of us have lost money because of what is going on with the financial markets, others got themselves into schemes and so on. These issues returned politicians back to the stage. Continue reading

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