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New report, same old story

FOX News is among the entire mainstream media that came up with a news report on Mr. Abdulmutallab. Click here, if you want to read it. What does this say to the ordinary U.S. taxpayers and people from all over the world who hardly expected such a blunder? Continue reading


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My Opinion About the War in Georgia

This week will be discussed for years to come because of the military conflict in Georgia’s province of South Ossetia. I expect a lot of interpretations about it in the future, and it cannot be otherwise. After all history can be interpreted differently no matter whether or not we want it.

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Gas Prices or the Prices That Control Prices

Gas prices have always been an issue since the beginning of the use of gas-operating devices. They have always been not just a political issue but also an economic, a financial and one that concerns the security of a country, that is, the most important issue for its existence. Continue reading

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