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Challenge: Statistics

At every university social science majors are being told by their professors to “know your stats,” to “know your numbers,” to “have data in their analyses.

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CT Politics blog at

For the last couple of months I have been doing a weekly roundup of what is happening with the political life in Connecticut at state level. Continue reading

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New category – The Law


I have been thinking of expanding my blog with a new category and here it is – The Law. The Law will be a category where I will write about laws of any kind. Continue reading


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Hello readers!

This is my new website. If you are interested in visiting my previous website, click here. I hope you enjoy my new website.

Why did I choose WordPress and did not stick with Blogger? Well, I heard good news about WordPress from a very reliable source, and I decided to open an account here. I can tell by the overall look of WordPress that it really is better than Blogger.

I know I have not read on my previous website often enough, so this time I will do my best to put new articles as often as I can and as often as a blogger is supposed to write. Whatever topics you want me to discuss I will discuss them as long as they intrigue me as well.


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