Barack Obama compared with George W. Bush on Bagram detainees

Today’s Huffington Post came out with this article on their home page. Although it merely explains the matter, it looks as if authors Nedra Pickler (who appears to have had numerous blunders so far… click here and here) and Matt Apuzzo are trying to criticize the President’s standing on the issue of Afghan detainees, not to mention its title whose purpose, of course, was to make people read the article but it appears to have certain side effects (we can tell what).

Hufftington Post is part of the liberal media as much as the Wall Street Journal is part of the conservative media which is something I like and at the same time dislike. I don’t mind liberal and conservative media because they all have target groups after all. The only thing I don’t like in them is that they sometimes go too far.

That’s why I don’t like conservatibe political commentators like Rush Limbaugh and liberal political commentators like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow (no offense, fellows) although I watch the latter two from time to time.

I remember when Keith Olbermann wanted to defend Barack Obama from Sarah Palin and John McCain who accused him of being a socialist by using Governor Palin’s explanations about the way things are going in Alaska which sounded socialistic without interpreting her words (click here and see the first response).

On the other hand, compared to the Republicans’ speculations about the radical left, Keith Olbermann’s counter-speculations somewhat neutralize everything.

Turning back to the Hufftington Post’s article

Although I consider myself liberal, I can’t agree with liberal attorneys such as Jonathan Hafetz who say that “They’ve now embraced the Bush policy that you can create prisons outside the law.” What law, Mr. Hafetz?

There’s a war in Afghanistan right now and such prisoners don’t violate any laws. Their purpose is to hold prisoners as part of a military action. Here’s the Justice Department’s response to the accusations: “Bagram is different from Guantanamo Bay because it is in an overseas war zone and the prisoners there are being held as part of a military action.”

My point exactly! When there’ war, such prisons are an indivisible particle of a strong side of a conflict. Their purpose is to get enemy combattants to give information about their side. Thus a war may happen to last less which will have turned out to be less costly and with less victims. Killing the enemy is not the one and the only way of winning a war.

George W. Bush was one of the worst Presidents in the U.S. history but that doesn’t mean that every single decision taken by his administration, or himself, was a false one.

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